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Accessories; Supplying Dc Power - Philips REMstar Auto A-Flex User Manual

Positive airway pressure therapy for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.
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There are several accessories available for your REMstar Auto A-Flex system such as a humidifier or a modem.
Contact your home care provider for additional information on the available accessories. When using optional
accessories, always follow the instructions enclosed with the accessories.
CauTion: Pins of connectors should not be touched. Connections should not be made to these connectors
unless ESD precautionary procedures are used. Precautionary procedures include methods to prevent build-up
of electrostatic charge (e.g., air conditioning, humidification, conductive floor coverings, non-synthetic clothing),
discharging one's body to the frame of the equipment or system or to earth or a large metal object, and bonding
oneself by means of a wrist strap to the equipment or system or to earth.
Adding a Humidifier
You can use the Heated humidifier or the Passover humidifier with your device. They are available from your home
care provider. A humidifier may reduce nasal dryness and irritation by adding moisture to the airflow.
WaRninG: For safe operation, the humidifier must always be positioned below the breathing circuit
connection at the mask and the air outlet on the device. The humidifier must be level for proper operation.
note: Refer to the humidifier's instructions for complete setup information.
Using the SD Card
The REMstar Auto A-Flex system comes with an SD card inserted in the SD card slot on the back of the device to
record information for the home care provider. Your home care provider may ask you to periodically remove the
SD card and send it to them for evaluation.
note: If the SD card is inserted in the device, the SD card icon (
screen and it will also display in the lower left corner of the Therapy screen.
note: The SD card does not need to be installed for the device to work properly. The SD card records device
usage information for your home care provider. You can refer to the Device Alerts section in this manual for
more information on the SD card. Contact your provider if you have any questions about the SD card.
adding Supplemental oxygen
Oxygen may be added at the mask connection. Please note the warnings listed below when using oxygen with the
• When using oxygen with this system, the oxygen supply must comply with local regulations for medical oxygen.
• Oxygen supports combustion. Oxygen should not be used while smoking or in the presence of an open flame.
• When using oxygen with this system, a Respironics Pressure Valve must be placed in-line with the patient circuit
between the device and the oxygen source. The pressure valve helps prevent the backflow of oxygen from the
patient circuit into the device when the unit is off. Failure to use the pressure valve could result in a fire hazard.
note: Refer to the pressure valve's instructions for complete setup information.
• When using oxygen with this system, turn the device on before turning on the oxygen. Turn the oxygen off
before turning the device off. This will prevent oxygen accumulation in the device.
• Do not connect the device to an unregulated or high pressure oxygen source.
Supplying DC Power to the Device
The Respironics DC Power Cord can be used to operate this device in a stationary recreational vehicle, boat, or
motor home. The Respironics DC Battery Adapter Cable, when used with the DC Power Cord, enables the device
to be operated from a 12 VDC free-standing battery.
CauTion: When DC power is obtained from a vehicle battery, the device should not be used while the
vehicle's engine is running. Damage to the device may occur.
CauTion: Only use a Respironics DC Power Cord and Battery Adapter Cable. Use of any other system may
cause damage to the device.
Refer to the instructions supplied with the DC Power Cord and adapter cable for information on how to operate
the device using DC power.
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