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Where To Place The Device; Supplying Ac Power To The Device; Navigating The Device Screens; Starting The Device - Philips REMstar Plus C-Flex User Manual

Positive airway pressure therapy for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.
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To connect your breathing circuit to the device, complete the following steps:
1. Connect the flexible tubing to the air outlet on the side of the device.
note: If required, connect a bacteria filter to the device air outlet, and then connect the flexible tubing to the
outlet of the bacteria filter.
note: When using the bacteria filter, the device performance may be affected. However, the device will remain
functional and deliver therapy.
2. Connect the tubing to the mask. Refer to the instructions that came with your mask.
3. Attach the headgear to the mask if necessary. Refer to the instructions that came with your headgear.

Where to Place the Device

Place the device on a firm, flat surface somewhere within easy reach of where you will use it at a level lower than your
sleeping position. Make sure the filter area on the back of the device is not blocked by bedding, curtains, or other items.
Air must flow freely around the device for the system to work properly. Make sure the device is away from any heating
or cooling equipment (e.g., forced air vents, radiators, air conditioners).
CauTion: Do not place the device directly onto carpet, fabric, or other flammable materials.
CauTion: Do not place the device in or on any container that can collect or hold water.

Supplying aC Power to the Device

CauTion: Condensation may damage the device. If this device has been exposed to either very hot or very cold
temperatures, allow it to adjust to room temperature (operating temperature) before starting therapy. Do not
operate the device outside of the operating temperature range shown in the Specifications.
WaRninG: Be sure to route the power cord to the outlet in a way that will prevent the cord from being tripped
over or interfered with by chairs or other furniture.
WaRninG: This device is activated when the power cord is connected.
iMPoRTanT: If you are using your device with a humidifier, refer to the instructions included with your
humidifier for details on how to power the device and humidifier.
Complete the following steps to operate the device using AC power:
1. Plug the socket end of the AC power cord (included) into the power supply (also included).
2. Plug the pronged end of the AC power cord into an electrical outlet that is not controlled by a wall switch.
3. Plug the power supply cord's connector into the power inlet on the back of the device.
4. Ensure that all connections are secure.
iMPoRTanT: To remove AC power, disconnect the power supply cord from the electrical outlet.
WaRninG: Periodically inspect electrical cords and cables for damage or signs of wear. Discontinue use and
replace if damaged.
CauTion: Do not use extension cords with this device.

navigating the Device Screens

Turn the wheel to toggle between options and settings on the screen. Press the wheel to choose an option or setting
that is highlighted. If you choose "Back" on any screen, it will take you back to the previous screen.
note: The screens shown throughout this manual are examples only. Actual screens may vary slightly. Examples are
for reference only.

Starting the Device

1. Supply power to the device.
2. The Home screen will appear, shown below.
Home Screen
note: The SD card icon will display next to "Info", if the SD card is inserted.
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