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Pans; Cutlery Basket; Knife Shelf; Folding Spikes - Siemens SF24T252GB Operating Instructions Manual

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Bottom basket 1Z
Heavily soiled utensils (pans) should
be placed in the bottom basket. The more
powerful spray jet provides a better
dishwashing result.

Cutlery basket

You should always place cutlery unsorted
with the points downwards.
To prevent injuries, place long, pointed
implements and knives on the knife shelf.

Knife shelf *

K n i f e sh e l f
* depending on model
Long knives and other utensils can be
arranged horizontally.
You can remove the knife shelf to wash
taller utensils.
F olding spikes *
Fo l d i n g s p i k e s
* depending on model
The spikes can be folded down to improve
arrangement of pans, bowls and glasses.

Small accessories holder *

* depending on model
Light-weight plastic accessories, e.g. cups,
lids, etc. can be held securely in the small
accessories holder.

Sm a l l ac c e s s o r i e s ho l d e r

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