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Operating Instructions; Dc Voltage Measurements - Craftsman 82345 Owner's Manual

Manual ranging multimeter
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WARNING: Risk of electrocution. High-voltage circuits, both
AC and DC, are very dangerous and should be measured with
great care.
1. ALWAYS turn the function switch to the OFF position when
the meter is not in use.
2. Press the HOLD button to freeze a displayed reading
NOTE: On some low AC and DC voltage ranges, with the test
leads not connected to a device, the display may show a
random, changing reading. This is normal and is caused by
the high-input sensitivity. The reading will stabilize and give a
proper measurement when connected to a circuit.


CAUTION: Do not measure DC voltages if a motor on the
circuit is being switched ON or OFF. Large voltage surges
may occur that can damage the meter.
1. Set the function switch to the highest V DC
2. Insert the black test lead banana plug into the
negative (COM) jack.
Insert the red test lead banana plug into the
positive (V) jack.
3. Touch the black test probe tip to the negative
side of the circuit.
Touch the red test probe tip to the positive
side of the circuit.
4. Read the voltage in the display. Reset the function switch to
successively lower V DC positions to obtain a higher
resolution reading. The display will indicate the proper
decimal point and value. If the polarity is reversed, the
display will show (-) minus before the value.

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