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General Control; Sources; Hands-Free Phone Control; Making A Call - Kenwood KCA-RC406 Instruction Manual

Remote control unit


Function and Opration for KCA-RC406

General control

• Volume control: [VOL]
• Source select: [SRC]
Press and hold to turn off the power.
• Volume reduce: [ATT]
When the button is pressed again, the volume
returns to the previous level.
• Return to previous item: [
• Selection of item: [5]/[∞]
• Determination: [ENT]
• Enter Audio Control mode: [AUD]
On Tuner/HD Radio™ (USA only) source
• Band select: [FM]/[AM]
• Station select: [4]/[¢]
• Recall preset stations: [ 0] — [9] Á [ENT]
• E nter Direct Access Tuning mode: [DIRECT/OK]
On CD/Audio file source
• Music select: [4]/[¢]
• Folder select: [FM]/[AM]
• Pause/Play: [ENT]
• Enter Music Search mode: [5]/[∞]
• Movement between folders/files during Search
mode: [5]/[∞]
• Return to previous folder: [
• E nter Direct Music Search mode: [DIRECT/OK]
On iPod source
• Enter Music Search mode: [5]/[∞]
• Movement between items during Search
mode: [5]/[∞]
• Return to previous item: [
• Pause/Play: [ENT]
On SiriusXM tuner source (USA only)
• Channel select: [4]/[¢]
• Recall preset stations: [0] — [9] Á [ENT]
/ [1] — [6]

Hands-free phone control

Making a call

• Enter Bluetooth mode: [Ú]
• Select a dialing method: [5]/[∞] ➜ [ENT]
• Number dial input:
Input a digit: [0] – [9]
Input "+": [¢]
Input "#": [FM]
Input "*": [AM]
Clear the entered phone number: [4]
• Make a call: [Ú]/ [DIRECT/OK]

Receiving a call

• Answer the call: [Ú]
Call waiting
• Answer Another Incoming Call with the Current
Call Suspended: [Ú]
During a call
• End the call: [Ý]/ [SRC]
Preparing the remote control unit
Pull the battery sheet out from
the remote control unit to the
direction of the arrow.
Changing the battery of the remote
control unit
Keep on slide
Pull out
• This unit cannot control the function that isn't
included in the car audio.
• Keep battery out of reach of children and in
original package until ready to use. Dispose of used
batteries promptly. If swallowed contact physician
• Do not leave the battery near fire or under direct
sunlight. A fire, explosion or excessive heat
generation may result.
• Do not set the remote control in hot places such as
on the dashboard.
• Danger of explosion if Lithium battery is incorrectly
replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent
Use a commercially
available button battery
Insert the battery with
the + and – poles aligned
properly, following the
illustration inside the case.

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