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Spare Parts; Stacking Kit - LG RC8011A Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
dditional Tips for Smart Use

Spare Parts

Components covered by the conditions of the
warranty are provided free of charge. If coverage
is expired, spare parts must be purchased from
service center.
Disposal of the Dryer
It is important to dispose the drier on a safe
manner to reduce the risk of injury to children.
The door and lid and other protruded items must
be taken away and power cord must be cut off
to avoid future use. After that, the dryer is to be
disposed safely.
Service Contact
If there is something wrong with your dryer, first
you must go through the troubleshooting table. If
you are unable to resolve the issue using the
guide please contact the service center.
A service person may ask you the following
questions, please have the information available:
1. Your name, address and postcode.
2. Your phone number.
3. Description of trouble.
4. The model No. and the serial No.
of your dryer.
5. The date of purchase.
Accessory Parts
• Your dryer comes with accessories such as
1. Condensing Drain Hose
2. Hose Holder

Stacking Kit

Holder : 2EA, Screw : 4EA
Holder : 2EA, Screw : 4EA
• Stacking kit Use condition
- fig
: Washer top plate size 550
- fig
: Washer top plate size 600
If stacking is needed, you must stack
the dryer upon LG washing machine.

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Table of Contents