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Panasonic AG-HPX500P Quick Manual page 7

Ag-hpx500 series
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Slow, Synchro and High-Speed Shutter
Used with the variable frame rate function, this allows you to create
a blurring effect or crystal-clear stop-motion of sports action.
The AG-HPX500 series also features a synchro scan function for
capturing screen shots from a computer monitor.
Cine-Like Gamma (Eight-Mode Gamma)
Drawing on technologies developed for the VariCam, Panasonic has
equipped the AG-HPX500 series with advanced gamma functions
that address eight different shooting scenarios and expand your
creative abilities. Included are Cine-Like Gamma, which gives
recordings the characteristic warm tone of film recordings, and a
News Gamma that's designed especially for news gathering.
HD NORM Mode Image
AG-HPX500 series Gamma Modes
Minimizes washout to faithfully capture all visual
information especially in the highlights
Suitable for HD recording
Works to flatten out high-contrast scenes
Normal setting for SD
Provides additional contrast and color gradation
Provides more contrast and
richer blacks to low-contrast scenes
Shifts the Cine-Like mode to prioritize dynamic range
Shifts the Cine-Like mode to prioritize contrast
CINE-LIKE D Mode Image
Scene File Dial
Set this dial for a set of shooting conditions, and later you can
instantly retrieve the settings when needed. Six preset files are
provided, and you can change any of the six file names and their
settings as desired. You can also transfer the setting files to an SD
Memory Card for loading into another AG-HPX500 series so the
cameras will match.
Shooting Assist Functions
• Three User Buttons: Assign a function to each, and then you can
select those chosen functions with pushbutton ease.
• Focus Assist: Facilitates focusing using a very effective histogram
• Eight chromatic aberration correction(CAC) files (fixed) and four
shading correction files support a variety of interchangeable
• Color temperature can be adjusted after the white balance is set.
• Rec Review function for easy checking of recorded results
• 4-position optical neutral density filter wheel
Designed for Easy Operation
The position, function, and shape of all switches, dials and terminals
have been designed in response to feedback from video
professionals to allow quick operation and prevent errors for greater
• The Audio Rec level adjustment features a push lock function.
• The Audio Input level adjustment (front) can be switched ON/OFF
and allocated to desired channels.
• The viewfinder mount allows easy and precise adjustment.


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