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Panasonic AG-HPX500P Quick Manual page 2

Ag-hpx500 series
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Superior Recording Quality in Both HD and SD
Broadcasters and video professionals all around the
world have already joined the P2 revolution. Now this
advanced technology is available to even more
professional videographers.
The AG-HPX500 series Memory Card Camera-Recorder
debuts as the newest 2/3" camcorder in the P2 HD
Professional Series, which includes the AG-HVX200
handheld and the AJ-HPX2000/2100 shoulder-mount
F e a t u r i n g a 2 / 3 i n c h l e n s m o u n t t h a t a c c e p t s
i n t e r c h a n g e a b l e l e n s e s , H D / S D m u l t i - f o r m a t
compatibility with 50 Hz/60 Hz selectability, and a
variable frame rate function that allows cine-like picture
quality, this new camera-recorder has everything
professionals need to create high-quality video content.
Equipped with four P2 card slots, the AG-HPX500 series
allows extended HD recording time and delivers the high
reliability, quick recording starts and IT benefits that
distinguish P2 and revolutionize the recording and
editing workflow.
The AG-HPX500 series is an exceptional cost-efficient
performer for applications that demand full-fledged HD
production quality and the advantages of fast IT-based
P2 Card Recording Brings the IT Revolution to
Video Production
Neither tape nor disc, the
P2 card is a semiconductor
memory device that can
h o l d l a rg e a m o u n t s o f
v i d e o a n d a u d i o d a t a .
The P2 card's advanced
AV technology bring the proven benefits of
an IT workflow to broadcasting and video
production. Memory card recorders have no
drive mechanism, so maintenance costs are much
lower. And with their outstanding resistance to impact,
vibration, temperature change, dust and other environmental
conditions, they offer the high reliability you need in news
acquisition and video recording. P2 also transfers data at
higher speeds than optical discs or hard drives, so video
production is quicker. And P2 files can be transferred as they
are — no digitizing required - to nonlinear editors and other
network-connectable equipment.
P2 Memory Card Recorder: Lower Operating Costs, Better for the Environment
P2 Reduces Total Cost of Ownership
(1) Faster, easier editing because digitization is not necessary
(2) Lower media costs because memory cards are reusable
(3) Lower maintenance costs because there is no moving mechanism
By reducing editing, media and maintenance
costs, P2 can help improve your bottom line.
Users can also take advantage of a special
five-year free-repair service program that
Panasonic offers for P2 HD equipment.
The P2 Card Helps Preserve the Environment:
Repeated Reusability and Low Power Consumption
Allowing repeated file copying and
initialization, a single P2 card can be used
and re-used, again and again. When
combined with an IT-based workflow that
requires no dubbing, P2 cards can greatly
reduce storage media expenses. And
because a memory card recorder has no
moving mechanism, it uses less power.
For example, the AG-HPX500 series uses
about 41% less power than the tape-based
AJ-HDX900 camcorder.
P2 Card


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