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Operating Precautions - Casio 3D Glasses YA-G30 User Manual

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Operating Precautions

Never use or store the 3D glasses in the following locations. Doing so creates the risk of
malfunction of and damage to the 3D glasses.
• Locations subjected to electrostatic charge
• Locations subjected to temperature extremes
• Locations subjected to extreme moisture
• Locations subjected to sudden temperature changes
• Locations subjected to large amounts of dust
• Locations where there is the danger of getting wet
Do not use the 3D glasses in environments subjected to temperature extremes.
The 3D glasses are designed for use within the temperatures of 5ºC to 35ºC (41ºF to
95ºF). 3D image quality and product reliability are not guaranteed when the 3D
glasses are used outside of this temperature range.
Never leave dead batteries inside the 3D glasses for a long period.
Dead batteries may leak. Leaking batteries create the risk of malfunction and damage.
The 3D glasses cannot be folded. Never try to bend the frame or otherwise apply undue force.
A scratched or broken lens can cause deterioration of 3D image quality.
• Do not subject the lens to strong force.
• Do not scratch the lens surface with a sharp object.
• Never drop or bend the 3D glasses.
Do not allow the synchronization sensor of the 3D glasses to become dirty, and do not cover it
by affixing a label, sticker, etc. A blocked sensor can make synchronization impossible and
interfere with proper operation of the 3D glasses.



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