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Casio 3D Glasses YA-G30 User Manual page 6

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Button battery
Misuse of a battery can cause it to leak and stain the area around it, or to explode, creating the
risk of fire and personal injury. Make sure that you always observe the following precautions.
• Never try to take the batteries apart and do not allow them to become shorted.
• Never expose the batteries to heat or throw them into fire.
• Do not expose the batteries to direct sunlight or otherwise expose them to intense
• Never mix old batteries and new ones.
• Never mix batteries of different types.
• Never try to charge the batteries.
• Take care that the positive (+) and negative (–) poles of the batteries are oriented
correctly when you load them.
• Use only the type of batteries that is specified for use with the 3D glasses.
Never look directly at the sun while wearing the 3D glasses.



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