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Viewing 3D Images - Casio 3D Glasses YA-G30 User Manual

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Viewing 3D Images

While wearing the 3D glasses, you will able to view 3D images projected by a CASIO
3D projector (DLP-LINK 3D compatible models). After starting projection of 3D images
from the projector, press the on button of the 3D glasses and then put on the glasses.
For more information about projecting 3D images, see the User's Guide on the CD-ROM
that comes with the projector.
3D Image Viewing Environment
To what extent 3D images will appear as such when viewed through the 3D glasses
depends on the conditions below.
Level of illumination in the area
Projected image size
Distance from the viewer to the screen
3D image content and quality
Under certain conditions, an image may not appear three-dimensionality at all. If this
happens, try darkening the room and move closer to the screen. This can improve the
3D appearance of the image.



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