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Standard Features - HP 673642-B21 Specification

Hp pcie io accelerators for proliant servers
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Standard Features

What is an IO Accelerator? The IO Accelerator is an PCIe card-based, advanced storage device that uses solid state storage technology
Single Level Cell and
Multilevel Cell
IO and Read/Write
RAM Requirements
directly on the PCI bus, assuring high read and write data rates and accelerated application performance.
The associated application performance improvements will have a positive impact on business results and
the ability to accelerate IO-bound workloads like databases, virtualization and data analytics, resulting in
significant cost and time savings.
NAND technology uses flash memory cells to store data. Single level Cell (SLC) stores one bit per cell, while
Multi-level Cell (MLC) uses two bits per cell. While MLC can store more data within each device, it has lower
endurance characteristics than SLC.
HP PCIe IO Accelerators offer superior IO performance up to 892,000 READ IOPS and 935,000 WRITE IOPS,
and high throughput up to 3.0 GB/s READ and up to 2.5 GB/s WRITE.
HP PCIe IO Accelerators offer very low latency access to data, as low as 17 microseconds to write a 4K
block and as low as 68 microseconds to read a 4K block. In other words, a virtually zero seek time
compared to rotating magnetic media.
The amount of free RAM required by the driver depends on the size of the blocks used when writing to the
drive. The smaller the blocks, the more RAM required. Here are the guidelines for each 100GB of storage:
Block Size (bytes)
4,096 (most common)
Command Line (CLI) tools for both Linux and Windows to configure, monitor, and upgrade firmware
SNMP Agent and System Management Homepage provided for Linux and Windows.
ioManager GUI for Windows and Linux.
Vendor & Device ID 1AED:1005; Subsystem Vendor & Device ID 103C:324E for Generation1 products. The
Device ID for Generation2 is 2001. In Gen2 the Subsystem Vendor ID has changed to 1590. Each capacity
has its own Subsystem Device ID.
The controller for the HP IO Accelerators can be upgraded in the future with new firmware. Online firmware
update tools are available for all supported operating systems.
NAND Flash devices use semiconductor technology that has a finite number of data that can be written to
the device, defined as the Maximum Lifetime. Projected lifetime of the NAND storage due to wear-out
varies with type of NAND and amount of writes to the device.
DA - 13587 Worldwide — Version 25 — November 15, 2013
HP PCIe IO Accelerators for ProLiant Servers
System RAM usage (Megabytes) per 100GB of storage for Driver
version 2.x and 3.x
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