Clarion NX501 Owner's Manual & Installation Manual: Tv/vtr (when Connecting An Optional Tv Tuner, Etc)

2-din dvd multimedia station with built-in navigation & 6.2'' touch panel control.
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TV/VTR (When connecting an optional TV tuner, etc.)
The image is not
The display is dark.
When the camera is
connected, the image is
There are red, green, and
blue points in display.
If an error occurs, one of the following displays is displayed.
Take the measures described below to solve the problem.
Invalid Disc
Invalid Disc
Invalid Disc
Disc Region incorrect
If an error display other than the ones described above appears, press the Reset button. If the problem persists,
turn off the power and consult your store of purchase.
* When the Reset button is pressed, frequencies of radio stations, titles, etc. stored in memory are cleared.
The parking brake is not
The brightness control is too
The operating condition is
not good.
The headlight of the vehicle
is lit
Improper NTSC/PAL setting
A disc is caught inside the DVD deck and
is not ejected.
A disc cannot be played due to scratches,
A disc is loaded upside- down inside the
DVD deck and does not play.
Parental level error
Region code error
Check that the parking brake is engaged.
Adjust the brightness properly.
The temperature inside the vehicle may be 0 or
lower. Set to an appropriate temperature (25 or so)
and check it again.
The display is made dark at night to prevent the
glare (When the headlight of the vehicle is lit in the
daytime, the display gets dark).
Set the PAL/NTSC properly according to the
This is not a failure, but a phenomenon peculiar
to a liquid crystal panel (The liquid crystal panel is
produced according to technology with very high
precision. Note that, though there are effective
pixels of 99.99% or more, pixel missing or normally
lit pixels account for 0.01%).
This is a failure of DVD deck's
mechanism and consult your store
of purchase.
Replace with a non-scratched,
non-warped disc.
E j e c t t h e d i s c t h e n re l o a d i t
Set the correct Parental level.
Eject the disc, and replace correct
region code disc.


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  • andrew brooke Aug 26, 2015 02:54:
    Have just bought a car second hand with a clarion nx501 fitted and frankly I am completely baffled as to how to preset the radio. I have spent an hour and a half with the manual trying to work out how I get rid of the previous owner's presets and insert my own but without success. There doesn't seem to be anything in the manual explaining how you do this. Is there a number I can phone so someone can guide me through the process while I sit in the car following instructio​ns? O