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To run your dishwasher, follow these
basic steps:
1 Load dishwasher. (See Preparing and Loading
Dishes, pages 9-11.)
2 Add detergent. (See Dishwasher Dispenser &
Detergents, pages 12-14.)
3 Add rinse aid, if needed. (See Rinse Aid,
page 14.)
4 Select desired CYCLE. (See Cycle Selections,
pages 6 -7.)
The Symbols are illuminated when
s e l e c t e d .
5 Select desired OPTIONS. (See Energy
Options Selections, page 7.)
The light surrounding the pad will glow when
6 To start, press START/CANCEL pad and
close door. (See Start/Cancel)

Operating Instructions

Appearance may vary from your model
Your dishwasher uses energy efficient motors for
the wash and drain portions of the cycle you select.
Each cycle has a series of water fills and drains for
washing and rinsing dishes. As each cycle begins,
you may–or may not–hear the drain motor. You may
also hear the splashing water as it enters the tub
and the spray arms as they rotate and circulate
water. The wash motor often pulsates throughout
the cycle, which varies water pressure and
optimizies performance.


Table of Contents

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