Loading The Bottom Rack; Adjusting Rack Height - Electrolux 154671201 Use & Care Manual

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Preparing & Loading Dishes
Features in your dishwasher's model may vary in
appearance from illustrations in this manual.


The bottom rack is designed for plates, saucers,
bowls, and cookware.
•Large items should be placed along the
edge so they do not block the middle
spray arm rotation.
•For best results, place bowls,
casserole dishes,and sauce pans
with soiled surface facing down or toward
the center. Tilt slightly for better drainage.
•Make sure tall items do not block middle
spray arm rotation.
•Be sure pan handles do not
protrude through the bottom of the rack
and block the lower spray arm rotation.
•Additional utensils or cups maybe placed
on the cupshelves.
Fold-down Tines
The fold-down tines in the lower rack and upper
rack make easy loading for those extra large and
hard-to-fit items. The tines may be left up for
normal use or folded down for more flexible loading.
Fold tines down for ease in loading large pots or


The top rack height can be easily adjusted to
accommodate loading taller dishes in either rack.
Height should be adjusted without dishes in the
To accommodate taller dishes in the bottom rack,
raise the rack height as follows:
To raise the rack to the middle or upper
position, simply lift the rack. The lever is
spring loaded to engage the middle or
upper position. To lower the rack to the
middle or lower position, simply push the
lever. Releasing the lever will allow the
middle position to be engaged.


Table of Contents

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