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Schwinn 130i Upright Bike Assembly Manual

Assembly and owner's manual.
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This product is compliant with the
applicable CE requirements.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 130i This product is compliant with the applicable CE requirements. ASSEMBLY MANUAL / OWNER’S MANUAL...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Serial Number __________________________ Date of Purchase ____________________ To register your product warranty, contact your local distributor. If you have questions or problems with your product, please contact your local Schwinn distributor. ® To find your local distributor, go to: Nautilus, Inc., - Customer Service: | Nautilus, Inc., 18225 NE Riverside Parkway, Portland, OR...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions - Assembly

    ImporTanT safeTy InsTruCTIons — assembly This icon means a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. Obey the following warnings: Read and understand all warnings on this machine. Carefully read and understand the Assembly instructions. •...
  • Page 4: Safety Warning Labels / Serial Number

    safeTy WarnIng labels and serIal number • Read, understand and obey all warnings on this machine. • Keep children away. • Not intended for use by anyone under 14 years of age. • Prior to use, read and understand the Owner’s Manual. •...
  • Page 5: Specifications

    speCIfICaTIons Maximum User Weight: 136 kg (300 lbs.) Total Surface Area (footprint) of equipment: 5670 cm Machine Weight: 26.5 kg (58.4 lbs.) Power Requirements: Operational Voltage: 220V - 240V AC, 50Hz Operating Current: 0.4A Regulatory Approvals: 141cm (55.6”) AC Power Adapter: CE compliant. 105cm (41.3”) 54cm (21.4”) This product conforms to the applicable EN ISO 20957 International Standards for Stationary Training Equipment, Class S...
  • Page 6: Parts

    parTs 13 (R) 12 (L) Item Description Item Description Main Frame Seat Post Front Stabilizer Adjustment Knob Rear Stabilizer Seat Top Shroud Left Pedal (L) Mast Gasket Right Pedal (R) Console Mast (with Handlebar Mount) Water Bottle Holder Handlebars AC Adapter Console Handlebar Mount Cover Note: Media Cable is in a bag.
  • Page 7: Hardware

    HardWare / Tools Item Description Button Head Hex Screw M8 x 25 Lock Washer M8 Curved Washer M8 Flat Washer M8 T-handle Tools Included 6 mm...
  • Page 8: Assembly

    1. Attach Stabilizers to Main Frame Note: Hardware(*) is pre-installed on the stabilizers and not on Hardware Card. Make sure transport wheels on the front stabilizer point forward, and the Schwinn decal on the rear stabilizer faces outward from the machine.
  • Page 9 3. Install Handlebars on Console Mast NOTICE: Do not crimp the cables. Put the Handlebar (7) in the bracket (6a), adjust the Handlebar to the desired angle, and install the T-handle (E) through the holes. Use the pull cable in the Handlebar Mount to route the HR cable (7a) through the slot (6c) under the Handlebar Mount to the top of the mast.
  • Page 10 4. Install Console on Console Mast Note: Remove the pre-installed screws(*) from the back of the Console before you connect the cables. NOTICE: Do not crimp the cables.
  • Page 11 5. Install Seat Post on Frame NOTICE: Make sure the Adjustment Knob engages the Seat Post. Do not set the Seat Post position higher than the stop mark (STOP) on the tube. STOP 6. Attach Seat to Seat Post NOTICE: Be sure the Seat is straight. Tighten the nuts (11b) on the Seat bracket (11a) to hold the Seat in position.
  • Page 12 7. Install Pedals Note: The Left Pedal is reverse-threaded. Be sure to attach Pedals on the proper side of the Bike. Orientation is based from a seated position on the bike. The Left Pedal has an “L”, the Right Pedal an “R”. 13 (R) 12 (L)
  • Page 13 8. Install Water Bottle Holder Note: The hardware(*) is pre-installed on the Console Mast and not on Hardware Card. 9. Connect AC Adapter 10. Final Inspection Inspect your machine to ensure that all hardware is tight and components are properly assembled. Be sure to record the serial number in the field provided at the front of this manual.
  • Page 14: Leveling The Bike

    before you sTarT Leveling Your Bike Levelers are found on each side of the Rear Stabilizer. Turn the knob to adjust the stabilizer foot. Make sure the bike is level and stable before you exercise. Moving Your Bike To move the upright bike, carefully tilt the Handlebars toward you while pushing the front of the bike downward. Push the bike to the desired location.
  • Page 15: Important Safety Instructions - Owner's

    ImporTanT safeTy InsTruCTIons This icon means a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. Before using this equipment, obey the following warnings: Read and understand the complete Manual. Keep the Manual for future reference. Read and understand all warnings on this machine.
  • Page 16: Features

    feaTures Console Power Connector Handlebars Water Bottle Holder Adjustable Seat MP3 Input Adjustment Knob USB Port Pedals Contact Heart Rate (CHR) Sensors Stabilizers Speakers Levelers Fully Shrouded Flywheel Media Tray Transport Rollers Media Cable WARNING! Heart rate monitoring systems may be inaccurate. Over exercising may result in serious injury or death. If you feel faint, stop exercising immediately.
  • Page 17: Console Features

    Console Features The Console provides important information about your workout and lets you control the resistance levels while you exercise. The Console features the Schwinn Dual Track display with touch control buttons to navigate you through the exercise ™ programs.
  • Page 18 FAN button- Controls 3-speed fan Resistance Level Quick Buttons- Shifts the resistance levels to the setting quickly during a workout Achievement Indicator Lights- when a workout result is reviewed, the achievement indicator light will activate. Schwinn Dual Track Display ™...
  • Page 19 Achievement Display The Achievement Display activates when a workout goal is reached or a workout milestone is surpassed from past workouts. 40% 70% The Console display will congratulate and inform the User of their achievement, along with a celebratory sound. Lower Display Data The Lower Display shows the Workout Values and can be customized for each User.
  • Page 20: Contact Heart Rate (chr)

    Contact Heart Rate Sensors Contact Heart Rate (CHR) sensors send your heart rate signals to the Console. The CHR sensors are the stainless steel parts of the Handlebars. To use, put your hands comfortably around the sensors. Be sure that your hands touch both the top and the bottom of the sensors.
  • Page 21 The graph is a brief guideline, describing the generally suggested target heart rates based on age. As noted above, your optimal target rate may be higher or lower. Consult your physician for your individual target heart rate zone. Note: As with all exercises and fitness regimens, always use your best judgment when you increase your exercise time or intensity.
  • Page 22: Operations

    operaTIons What to Wear Wear rubber-soled athletic shoes. You will need the appropriate clothes for exercise that allow you to move freely. How Often Should You Exercise Consult a physician before you start an exercise program. Stop exercising if you feel pain or tightness in your chest, become short of breath, or feel faint.
  • Page 23: Quick Start / Manual Program

    Push OK to set. Units of Measurement: Push the Increase/Decrease buttons to adjust between “MILES” (Imperial English) or “KM” (metric). Push OK to set. The Console goes back to the Power-Up / Idle Mode screen. Note: To adjust these selections, consult the “Console Set-Up Mode” section. Quick Start ( Manual ) Program The Quick Start ( Manual ) program lets you start a workout without entering any information.
  • Page 24 Edit User Profile From the Power-Up Mode screen, push the Increase() or Decrease() buttons to select one of the User Profiles. 2. Push the OK button to select the User Profile. 3. The Console display shows the EDIT prompt and the current User Profile name. Push OK to start the Edit User Profile option.
  • Page 25: Profile Programs

    6. Push OK to make your selection. The Console will go to the Power-Up Mode screen. Changing Resistance Levels Push the Resistance Level Increase() or Decrease() buttons to change the resistance level at any time in a workout program. To rapidly change the resistance level, push the desired Resistance Level Quick Button. The Console will adjust to the selected resistance level of the quick button.
  • Page 26 Workout Profile and Goal Program The Console lets you select the Profile Program and type of Goal for your workout (Distance, Time or Calories), and set the Goal value. 1. Sit on the machine. 2. Push the Increase() or Decrease() buttons to select the correct User profile. 3.
  • Page 27: Pausing Or Stopping

    3. Push the Increase() or Decrease() buttons to select the Goal type, and push OK. 4. Push the Increase() or Decrease() buttons to set the goal value for the workout. Note: Be sure to allow time for your heart rate to reach the desired heart rate zone when setting the goal. 5.
  • Page 28: Goal Track Statistics

    GOAL TRACK Statistics (and Achievements) The statistics from every workout are recorded to a User Profile. The Schwinn Dual Track Console shows the Goal Track workout Statistics on the Lower Display in three channels: ™ TIME (total), DISTANCE (total), and CALORIES (total)
  • Page 29 8. Push the Increase() button to move to the “SAVE TO USB - OK?” prompt. Push OK and the “ARE YOU SURE? -NO” prompt will display. Push the Increase() button to change it to yes and push OK. The Console will display the “INSERT USB”...
  • Page 30: Console Setup Mode

    Console seTup mode The Console Setup Mode lets you input the date and time, set the units of measurement to either English or Metric, change the machine type, control the sound settings ( on/ off), or see maintenance statistics (Error Log and Run Hours – for service technician use only).
  • Page 31: Maintenance

    maInTenanCe Read all maintenance instructions fully before you start any repair work. In some conditions, an assistant is necessary to do the necessary tasks. Equipment must be regularly examined for damage and repairs. The owner is responsible to make sure that regular maintenance is done.
  • Page 32 Maintenance Parts Console HR Cables Flywheel Console Mast CHR Sensors Brake Assembly Pedals Seat RPM Sensor Crank Arms Seat Post w/ Slider Speed Sensor Magnet Left Shroud Adjustment Knob Servo Motor Power Inlet Seat Post Shroud Drive Belt Right Shroud Water Bottle Holder Drive Pulley Top Shroud...
  • Page 33: Troubleshooting

    TroublesHooTIng Condition/Problem Things to Check Solution No display/partial display/ Check electrical (wall) Make sure unit is plugged into a functioning wall outlet. unit will not turn on outlet Check connection on Connection should be secure and undamaged. Replace adapter console or connection at unit if either are damaged.
  • Page 34 Condition/Problem Things to Check Solution Check data cable Be sure cable is connected securely and oriented properly. Small connections/orientation latch on connector should line up and snap into place. Reset Machine Unplug unit from electrical outlet for 3 minutes. Reconnect to outlet.
  • Page 36 Nautilus Bowflex Schwinn Universal ® ® ® ® 8002952.081513.A...

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