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Preparation -Checking The Case Is Waterproof - Panasonic Lumix DMW-MCTZ30 Operating Instructions Manual

Marine case
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After setting the O-ring, check that no water leaks into the Case by
submerging it in a water tank, bath tub etc. for about 3 minutes before
attaching a digital camera.
Do not use the Case in water over 40 °C/104 °F. The heat may damage the Case or
cause water leakage.
Carry out the same test after attaching the digital camera to the Case. (P15)
∫ Notes
If bubbles rise from the Case when it is submerged in water or there is water inside
the Case when you take it out of the water, there is water leakage. In these cases,
consult your dealer.
If water leaks into the Case while you are using it and the digital camera is
submerged in water, remove the battery immediately. Hydrogen gas can cause
burning or explosion if there is a fire nearby.
If you dive quickly while holding the Case or throw the Case from a ship into the sea,
some water leakage may occur because of high pressure. This is not a malfunction
of the Case. Always dive slowly into the water.
The Case is designed to be used at a depth of up to 40 m/130 feet. If you dive
deeper than 40 m/130 feet, part of the Case may be damaged beyond repair.
When closing the Case, be careful that no foreign materials get caught between the
O-ring and the O-ring groove. Even one strand of hair or one grain of sand can
cause water leakage.
-Checking the Case is Waterproof-


Table of Contents

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