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General Information; Technical Information; Installation; Water Supply Connection - Black & Decker Pressure Washer PW1300 Installation And Use Manual

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Use of the manual
This manual forms an integral part of the appliance and should be
kept for future reference. please read it carefully before installing/
using the unit. if the appliance is sold, the seller must pass on this
manual to the new owner along with the appliance.
The appliance is delivered partially assembled in a cardboard box.
The supply package is illustrated in fig.1.
Documentation supplied with the appliance
A1 Use and maintenance manual
A2 safety instructions
A3 Declaration of conformity
Disposing of packaging
The packaging materials are not environmental pollutants but must
still be recycled or disposed of in compliance with the relevant
legislation in the country of use.
Safety signs
Comply with the instructions provided by the safety signs fitted to
the appliance.
Check that they are present and legible; otherwise, fit replacements
in the original positions.
E1 sign – indicates that the appliance must not be disposed of as
municipal waste; it may be handed in to the dealer on purchase of a
new appliance. The appliance's electrical and electronic parts must
not be reused for improper uses since they contain substances
which constitute health hazards.
E2 symbol – indicates that the appliance is intended for
professional use, i.e. for experienced people informed
about the relative technical, regulatory and legislative
aspects and capable of performing the operations neces-
sary for the use and maintenance of the appliance.
E3 symbol – Indicates that the appliance is intended for
non-professional (domestic) use.
Envisaged use
This appliance has been designed for individual use for the cleaning
of vehicles, machines, boats, masonry, etc, to remove stubborn dirt
using clean water and biodegradable chemical detergents.
vehicle engines may be washed only if the dirty water is disposed of
as per regulations in force.
- Intake water temperature: see data plate on the appliance.
- Intake water pressure: below 10 bar.
- Operating ambient temperature: above 0°C.
The appliance is compliant with the EN 60335-2-79/A1 standard.
The symbol on the front cover identifies the appliance's intended
operator (professional or non-professional).
Improper use
Use by unskilled persons or those who have not read and under-
stood the instructions in the manual is forbidden.
The introduction of inflammable, explosive and toxic liquids into the
appliance is prohibited.
Use of the appliance in a potentially inflammable or explosive
atmosphere is forbidden.
The use of non-original spare parts and any other spare parts not
specifically intended for the model in question is prohibited.
All modifications to the appliance are prohibited. Any modifications
made to the appliance shall render the Declaration of Conformity
null and void and relieve the manufacturer of all liability under civil
and criminal law.
Main components
b1 Adjustable spray nozzle
b2 Lance
b3 gun with safety catch
b4 power supply cable with plug
b5 high pressure hose
b6 Detergent tank (on models with this feature)
Accessories (where applicable – see fig.1).
C1 nozzle cleaning tool
C2 rotating nozzle kit
C3 handle
C4 brush
C5 hose reel
Safety devices
Caution - Danger!
Do not tamper with or adjust the safety valve set-
- Safety valve and pressure limiting valve.
The safety valve is also a pressure limiting valve. When the gun
trigger is released, the valve opens and the water recirculates
through the pump inlet.
- Safety catch (D): prevents accidental spraying of water.
Caution - Danger!
All installation and assembly operations must be
performed with the appliance disconnected from the mains
power supply.
The assembly sequence is illustrated in fig.2.
Assembling the rotating nozzle
(For models with this feature)
The rotating nozzle kit delivers greater washing power.
Electrical connection
Caution - Danger!
Check that the electrical supply voltage and frequen-
cy (V-Hz) correspond to those specified on the appliance
data plate (fig.2). The appliance should only be connected
to a mains power supply equipped with an adequate earth
connection and a differential security breaker (30 mA)
to cut off the electricity supply in the instance of a short
Use of extension cables
Use cables featuring "IPX5" protection level.
The cross-section of the extension cable should be pro-
portionate to its length; the longer it is, the greater its
cross-section should be. See table I.

Water supply connection

Caution - Danger!
Only clean or filtered water should be used for intake.
The delivery of the water intake tap should be equal to that
of pump capacity.
place the appliance as close to the water supply system as possible.
Connection points
l Water outlet (OUTLET)
n Water inlet with filter (INLET)
Connection to the mains water supply
The appliance can be connected directly to the mains
drinking water supply only if the supply hose is fitted with
a backflow preventer valve as per current regulations in
force. Make sure that the hose is at least Ø 13 mm and
that it is reinforced.

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