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Start-Up - GE SERIES B 480 User Manual

480 volts, 60hz
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Safety Precautions
Before startup, observe the following warnings and instructions:
Internal components of the filter are at line potential when the filter is connected to the utility.
This voltage is extremely dangerous and may cause death or severe injury if you come in
contact with it.
After disconnecting the utility power, wait at least 5 minutes before doing any work on the filter
connections. After removing power, allow at least five minutes to elapse and verify that the
capacitors have discharged to a safe level before contacting internal components. Connect a
DC voltmeter across the capacitor terminals 1, 2 and 3 on terminal block 1TB. Start with the
meter on the highest scale and progressively switch to a lower scale as the indicated voltage
falls below the maximum value of the scale used.
Sequence of Operation
1. Read and follow safety precautions.
2. After installation, ensure that:
All filter ground terminals are connected to ground.
Power wiring to the utility, drive and motor is in accordance with the installation and connection
instructions in Chapter 5.
GE Capacitor & Power Quality Products
May 2003



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