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mobile PhoneTools - mobile PhoneTools features Change the description of a phonebook
If you run a number of phonebooks, descriptions associated with them will help you identify them
at a glance. The description you give to a phonebook is used as the tree root folder name
(instead of being called Phonebook).
This option is not available for MS Outlook, Outlook Express or Microsoft Exchange phonebooks.
1. From the phonebook, click on the File menu, then select the Properties option.
The Properties window appears on screen.
2. In the File description field, enter the description you want to associate with your
3. Click OK. This new description replaces the Phonebook name. Match fields between an external phonebook and the
This option is only available for MS Outlook, Outlook Express and Microsoft Exchange phonebooks.
1. From the phonebook, click on the Options menu then select the Match table option. The
Match table window is displayed.
You can also access this window via the Phonebook exchange settings window.
2. The application suggests a default match table. The names of fields common to both
phonebooks are displayed in red. If no match has been found, None (the first word in the
External phonebook field list) is displayed in red.
3. To accept the default match table, click the Default button.
4. If the match table suggested by the application is not appropriate, you can match
phonebook fields yourself. To do this, proceed as follows:
a. In the Tabs scrolling list (Identification, Business, Home, etc.), select the tab
containing the Phonebook fields you wish to match.
The fields for the selected tab are displayed in the Phonebook field list. All fields
contained in the external phonebook are displayed in the External phonebook
fields list.
b.In the Phonebook fields list, click the field you want to match.
c.In the External phonebook fields list, click the external phonebook field name you
want to match to the previously selected field.
d.Click Assign.
5. Repeat steps a. through d. for each field.
6. Click OK once all matches have been made correctly.
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