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mobile PhoneTools - mobile PhoneTools features
3. Select the type of
phonebook you want
to open.
4. The File name field
displays the name of
the phonebook by
default. You can
change it by clicking
phonebook window
is displayed and
allows you to search
for a phonebook.
5. Click the Open button.
The selected phonebook becomes the current phonebook: it is opened as the default
phonebook each time you access Phonebook.
If the phonebook you are opening has not been created in the application, it is likely that its
structure is different to that of a phonebook created in the application. You therefore need to
match the fields in the file you have opened with those of the application's phonebook (See
Match fields between an external phonebook and the application phonebook, page 40). If some
fields in the phonebook are not listed in the structure of the file you have opened, they will
appear grayed out. Delete a phonebook
Each phonebook is made up of the following three files:
• the .DBF file saves correspondent record data;
• the .PKX file saves Phonebook index data;
• the .PKG file saves information on Phonebook groups.
This option is not available for MS Outlook, Outlook Express or Microsoft Exchange phonebooks.
1. From the phonebook, open the phonebook you want to delete.
2. Click on the File menu, then
select the Properties option.
3. Note the path for the 3 files that
make up the phonebook
4. Use Windows Explorer to locate
and delete the DBF, PKX, and
PKG files. Their names and
paths are indicated in the
Properties window.
. The Open a


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