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English - Kenwood AT970A Quick Manual

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before using your Kenwood
Read these instructions carefully and
retain for future reference.
Remove all packaging and any
Switch off the appliance before fitting
and removing this attachment.
Keep your fingers away from moving
parts and the openings on the
Never leave the appliance
unattended when it is operating.
Never use a damaged attachment
and/or appliance.
Always ensure loose articles and
clothing are secured before using
this attachment.
Do not let infirm people use the
appliance without supervision.
Do not let children use or play with
the appliance.
Only use the appliance for its
intended domestic use. Kenwood
will not accept any liability if the
appliance is subject to improper use,
or failure to comply with these
before using for the first time
Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do
not immerse in water.
adjustable knob
pasta feed roller
flat pasta attachment
oultet catch
slow speed outlet cover


to assemble
1 To remove the slow speed outlet
cover, slide the catch then pull off.
2 Hold the catch back and insert the
attachment into the outlet drive and
turn until the drive clicks into place -
you may have to turn it both ways.
When the drive is engaged, rotate
the attachment so that the pin is in a
vertical position, then engage the pin
into the slot.
3 Release the catch.
to use your pasta maker
1 Make your pasta dough. Follow one
of the dough recipes supplied.
2 Set the adjustable knob on the side
of the pasta attachment to number 1
by pulling the knob out and turning.
3 Flatten a piece of dough and sprinkle
some flour between the rollers.
4 Turn the kitchen machine to speed
1 (you will see the rollers turning).
5 Pass the piece of dough through the
rollers repeating until you get a
smooth surface. (Folding the dough
in half across its width or length
between rollings will help to achieve
6 Adjust the knob progressively from 1
to 9, each time re-feeding the dough
through the attachment to achieve
the desired thickness
thickness using settings 5 to 7 is
7 Cut the rolled pasta into
desired/manageable pieces.
Use as required.
. Pasta

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