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Wi-fi video baby monitor camera
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When I am in "remote
mode", the video
stops after 5 minutes.
How do I view for
My Phone application
displays the following
"Unable to connect to
BMS server".
Setting Up
While I am adding
a new camera to
my account, I am
not able to find any
cameras to add.
BLINK1_USA_V3_2013_04_18.indd 34-35
When you are accessing your
camera via a network different
from your home network (over
internet) your video times out
after 5 minutes.
You can click on the Camera
again from the Android
application to start streaming
If you are accessing from your
web-browser, then you can
press on the Reload button to
start viewing your camera video
stream again.
1. Check the Wi-Fi network
2. Check if you are connected
to internet by starting the
phone browser and going to a
website like
3. Try again if you are successful
connecting to internet.
If you are trying to add a camera
which has previously been added
into your account / another
account, you will first have to
reset the camera. This can be
done by pressing and holding the
RESET button at the bottom of
the camera for 6 seconds.
What are the
supported browsers
for accessing from
my PC/Mac
I am having problems
to access the camera
from remote PC or
from my 3G phone.
What is the
significance of LED
On PC and Mac
, we
recommend to use Google
Chrome. However the following
browsers are also supported:
PC: Internet Explorer 8 and
above. Mac
: Safari.
Please check your home Wi-Fi
router settings and enable
UPNP on your router for better
performance to stream to a
remote device.
If you have multiple Wi-Fi routers
at your home, please configure
your camera to connect to the
router which has the Broadband /
line connection.
A blinking LED indicates the
following status:
Fast blinking: Your camera is
in setup mode. You can add
the camera to your account in
this mode. Out of the box, the
camera is in setup mode. To
reset to setup mode, press and
hold the RESET button on the
bottom of the camera untill you
hear a long beep.
Slow blinking: The camera is
either connecting to the router or
lost the link to the router. Please
ensure that the camera is in the
Wi-Fi signal range.
LED is stable: The camera is
connected to the Wi-Fi network.
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