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Stacking Kit Installation - LG Tromm DLEX8377NM User's Manual & Installation Instructions

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Make sure the side surface of the appliance
is clean and dry. Remove paper backing from
the tape on the bracket.
Position the bracket as shown. The bent part
of the bracket should rest along the edge
of the pedestal, and the holes in the bottom
part of the bracket should align with the
holes in the pedestal.
Install 2 screws to securely attach the bracket
to the pedestal.
Once properly attached, firmly press the top
part of the bracket with the double-sided
tape to the side of the appliance. Repeat
steps 3-5 to attach the other brackets.
NOTE: If the brackets are not installed
properly, noise and vibration may result. Be
sure to remove paper backing and to use all
screws to install the brackets.
Move the appliance to the desired location.
Loosen the Iocknuts on all 4 leveling feet
of the pedestal
until you can turn them
with the wrench. Turn clockwise to raise
or counterclockwise
to lower. Once the
pedestal is level and all 4 feet are solidly
against the floor, securely tighten all Iocknuts
by hand.
NOTE: Noise and vibration may result if
Iocknuts are not tightened.
Be sure to connect the appliances to all
water, power, or gas lines and draining or
venting connections
before operation.
If there is excessive vibration during the
first operation after installation, slightly
adjust the leveling feet.
This stacking kit includes:
• Two (2) side rails
• One (1) front rail
• Four (4) screws
TOOLS Needed
for Installation:
• Phillips-head
To ensure safe and secure installation, please
observe the following instructions.
• Incorrect installation can cause serious
• The weight of the dryer and the height of
installation make this stacking procedure too
risky for one person. Two or more people are
required when installing the stacking kit.
There is a risk of serious back injury or other
• Do not use the stacking kit with a gas dryer
in potentially unstable conditions such as a
mobile home. Failure to follow this warning can
result in serious injury.
• Place the washer on a solid, stable, level
floor capable
of supporting
the weight of
both appliances.
Failure to follow this warning
can result in serious injury.
• If appliances
are already installed,
them from all power, water,
or gas lines and from draining
or venting
Failure to do so can result in
electrical shock, fire, explosion, or death.
Make sure the surface of the washer is clean
and dry. Remove paper backing from the
tape on one of the stacking kit side brackets.
press the adhesive area of the bracket to the
washer surface. Secure the side bracket to
the washer with a screw on the back side of
the bracket. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to attach
the other side bracket.


Table of Contents

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