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World Time; Stopwatch; Countdown Timer - Casio 5173 Operation Manual

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Operation Guide 5173
Receive successful
Time calibration signal reception takes from two to
seven minutes, but in some cases it can take as long
as 14 minutes. Take care that you do not perform any
button operations or move the watch during this time.
When a signal receive operation is successful,
appears on the upper display and the lower display
shows the time and date of the successful operation.
The watch will adjust its time setting in accordance
with the information provided by the signal.
The watch will return to the Timekeeping Mode if you
Receive failed
press A or if you do not perform any operation for
about one or two minutes.
ERR will appear on the upper display if the receive
operation is not successful. The watch will not adjust
its time setting in this case. Press A to return to the
Timekeeping Mode.
• To interrupt a receive operation and return to the Timekeeping Mode, press any
To check the latest signal reception results
In the Timekeeping Mode, press A to view the last successful receive time and date.
Press A again to return to the previous screen.
Signal Reception Troubleshooting
Check the following points whenever you experience problems with signal reception.
Probable Cause
I can't receive a
You performed some button
time calibration
operation during auto receive.
The watch is not in the
Timekeeping Mode or World
Time Mode.
The watch is in a location where
the signal cannot be received for
some reason.
A countdown timer operation is in
Radio interference is often present
during the day time, which can
interfere with signal reception.
The time setting
If the time is one hour off, the DST
is incorrect
setting may be incorrect.
following signal
The Home City code setting is not
correct for the area where you are
using the watch.
The home positions of the hands
are off.
For further information, see "Important!" and "Radio-controlled Atomic Timekeeping

World Time

World Time digitally displays the current time in one of 48
Currently selected
cities (29 time zones) around the world. A simple operation
World Time City
swaps your Home City with the currently selected World
Time City.
When you enter the World Time Mode, the current month
and day of the World Time City appear first. After about
one second, the current time appears.
The times kept in the World Time Mode are synchronized
with the time being kept in the Timekeeping Mode. If you
feel that there is an error in any World Time Mode time,
check to make sure you have the correct city selected as
your Home City. Also check to make sure that the current
World Time hour
time as shown in the Timekeeping Mode is correct.
Current time in
Times in the World Time Mode are based on UTC offsets.
World Time City
See the "City Code Table" at the back of this manual for
information about the UTC offsets that are supported.
All of the operations in this section are performed in the World Time Mode, which
you enter by pressing C.
Right Dial Hand
The right dial hand shows the current hour in the World Time City in all modes.
The right dial hand completes one revolution every 12 hours.
To view the current time in another time zone
In the World Time Mode, use D to scroll through available city codes (time zones).
Holding down the button scrolls at high speed.
When the city code (time zone) you want is selected, you can press
the date. After about one second, the watch will resume regular timekeeping.
Press A.
One second
Hour : Minutes Seconds
Hour : Minutes
What you should do
Perform manual receive at night
or wait until the next auto receive
operation is performed.
Enter the Timekeeping Mode or
World Time Mode and try again.
Enter the Countdown Timer Mode
and stop the countdown.
Check to make sure the watch is
in a location where it can receive
the signal.
Change the DST setting to Auto
Select the correct Home City code.
Enter the home position
adjustment mode and adjust the
home positions.
A to display
To toggle a city code time between Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time
In the World Time Mode, press
code (time zone) whose Standard Time/Daylight Saving
Time setting you want to change.
Hold down
A for about three seconds to toggle between
Daylight Saving Time (DST indicator displayed) and
Standard Time (DST indicator not displayed).
DST indicator
Swapping your Home City and World Time City
You can use the procedure below to swap your Home City and World Time City. This
changes your Home City to your World Time City, and your World Time City to your
Home City. This capability can come in handy when you frequently travel between two
cities in different time zones.
If your current World Time City supports receipt of a time calibration signal, making
it your Home City enables calibration signal reception.
For information about which cities support time calibration signal reception, see "To
specify your Home City".
To swap your Home City and World Time City
In the World Time Mode, use
D to select the World Time City you want.
Hold down
A and B until the watch beeps.
This will make the World Time City you selected in step 1 your Home City, and
cause the hour and minute hands to move to the current time in that city. At the
same time, it will change the Home City you had selected prior to step 2 your
World Time City, and cause the content of the upper and lower displays to change
After swapping the Home City and World Time City, the watch stays in the World
Time Mode with the city that was selected as the Home City prior to step 2 now
displayed as the World Time City.


The stopwatch lets you measure elapsed time, split
1/100 second
times, and two finishes.
The digital display range of the stopwatch is 23 hours,
59 minutes, 59.99 seconds.
The stopwatch continues to run, restarting from zero
after it reaches its limit, until you stop it.
The stopwatch measurement operation continues
even if you exit the Stopwatch Mode.
Exiting the Stopwatch Mode while a split time is
frozen on the display clears the split time and returns
to elapsed time measurement.
All of the operations in this section are performed in
SPL indicator
the Stopwatch Mode, which you enter by pressing
To measure times with the stopwatch
Elapsed Time
Split Time
Split release
(SPL indicator
Two Finishes
First runner
Second runner
Display time of
first runner.

Countdown Timer

You can set the countdown timer start time within a range
Auto-repeat on indicator
of one minute to 60 minutes. An alarm sounds when the
Start time (minutes)
countdown reaches zero.
You also can select auto-repeat, which automatically
restarts the countdown from the original value you set
whenever zero is reached.
All of the operations in this section are performed in the
Countdown Timer Mode, which you enter by pressing
Number of the current
To use the countdown timer
Press D while in the Countdown Timer Mode to start the countdown timer.
When the end of the countdown is reached and auto-repeat is turned off, the
alarm will sound for 10 seconds or until you stop it by pressing any button. The
countdown time is reset to its starting value automatically after the alarm stops.
When auto-repeat is turned on, the countdown will restart automatically without
pausing when it reaches zero. The alarm sounds to signal when the countdown
reaches zero. The countdown is repeated up to eight times, and then stops.
The number of the current repeat (1 to 8) is shown in the lower display.
The countdown timer measurement operation continues even if you exit the
Countdown Timer Mode.
To stop a countdown timer operation completely, first pause it (by pressing
and then press A. This returns the countdown time to its starting value.
D to display the city
Split release
Display time of
second runner.