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Device Management; Remote Operation; Department Id Management - Canon imageRunner Advance C5051 Manual

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For Tight Management and Security Control

Device Management

Department ID Management

Department IDs and passwords registered on the imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series allow system
administrators to manage device usage for each department. Volume limitations or controlled access
to copy, scan, and print functions can be set for up to 1,000 departments. Output totals can be
managed through registered Department IDs, which help to keep an easy to read database of who
does what and when on a departmental basis.
Device Information Delivery
Device information can be shared between imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices, when these devices
are connected over the same network. By registering device information on a reference device,
system administrators can set the device to automatically or manually deliver such information as
the Address Book, Department ID, and settings specified in Additional Functions to up to 100 other
specified devices on the network.
Security Enhancements
Password Entry per Sending
– For Preventing Unauthorized Access to the Address Book
Upon registering new destinations in the Address Book, you can set the imageRUNNER
ADVANCE Series to require anyone to enter the correct password when they select these
destinations for document sending. This helps ensure that only authorized users can select these
destinations. Plus, you do not need to re-register these destinations every time you update the
■ With predecessor models
Select a destination.
Press Start.
Destination : ABC
: ••••
Erasing All Data Stored on the Hard Disk
Job files received at the hard disk are automatically deleted when each job is completed.
However, only the file's directory entry is removed. The data itself still exists on the hard disk in
hidden files and is potentially recoverable. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series allows system
administrators to erase all data stored on the hard disk completely.
* The optional HDD Data Erase Kit-C1 is required.
Access Management System
You are allowed or disallowed access to a specific device function such as Copy, Print, Send,
Fax, Mail Box, Web Access, Advanced Box, MEAP applications, and so on, in conjunction with
the SSO-H login service. This allows you to freely use unrestricted features without needing to
authenticate, while restricted features prompt for login when selected. Permissions can be
customized for each user.
* The optional Access Management System Kit-B1 is required.
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) –Tamper-Resistant Storage Vault for Protecting
Highly Sensitive Information
Initialize All Data/Settings – For Wiping and Reformatting the Hard Disk
Use USB Device/Use USB Host – For Permitting or Preventing the Use of USB
Device/Host Interface
imageWARE Desktop
Scan features
(for electronic conversion of paper documents)
Status reports/notification
(printing/fax sending and receiving/file reception)
Advanced Box
(previews of scanned documents)
Fax features
(paperless faxing/faxing several files as one document)
Print features
(printing several files as one document)
Combine files saved in different file
formats as one editable document
■ With the imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series
Select a destination.
Press Start.
Enter the password
: ••••
Conversion to PDF
PDF files
Create rights-protected
PDF files

Remote Operation

– For Operating Device Functions Remotely from Your PC
You can operate device functions remotely from your personal computer. You are provided access
to all system functions from the touch screen and the hard keys.
* The optional Remote Operator's Software Kit-B1 is required.
NETEYE – For Monitoring Device Status Remotely
NETEYE is a web-based, device-embedded or standalone system to remotely diagnose
imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices for automatic, timely and accurate meter readings and
billings and consumables (toner) monitoring. Service providers can access copy/printer counter
information through a central server for review and retrieval. It helps reduce administrative
burdens and pave a way for proactive maintenance without a lot of hassle and big expense.
Suppressible USB interface - For allowing or disallowing the use of USB interface
System Monitor Screen Restriction – For Safeguarding Job Status/History from Unauthorized
Hiding Password Under Asterisks – For Shielding Your Password from Being Viewed by Others
MAC & IP Address Filtering – For Preventing Unauthorized Access to the imageRUNNER
imageWARE Secure Audit Manager – For Tracking and Auditing Documents
*Available as an option.
IC Card Authentication for MEAP ADVANCE
– For Managing Device Access Through the Use of Intelligent Cards
IC card*
authentication to grant device access allows to integrally
manage attendance, entry/exit, network and device usage, and work
activity of each employee. This significantly enhances security. The use
of an IC card, Simple*
, is also supported.
FeliCa, MIFARE, eLWISE cards are supported.
FeliCa IDm is supported.
* Available as options.
Personal ListPrint for MEAP ADVANCE
– For Serverless Secure Printing
When Personal ListPrint for MEAP ADVANCE is enabled on the imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series, the
device can authenticate you through the use of your IC card for printing your documents without needing
to print to a print server. Once you have been authenticated, the device touch panel displays a list of your
print jobs that you sent from your PC for you to choose the job you want to print from the device.
* Available as an option.
Anyplace Print for MEAP ADVANCE – To Allow Secure Printing Anywhere
When Anyplace Print for MEAP ADVANCE is enabled on the imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series, the
device can authenticate you through the use of your IC card for printing your documents from your PC.
All you need to do is to send your jobs to Anyplace Print Server and log in to the device with your IC
card. You can select any device on the network.
*Available as an option.
imageWARE Accounting Manager for MEAP – For Tracking Device Usage
When imageWARE Accounting Manager for MEAP is enabled on the imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series,
the device can display reports by user so system administrators can analyze overall device usage to
control and save on user copying, printing, scanning and faxing costs.
*Available as an option.
■ Versatile Workflow Solutions
Capsulebrowser for MEAP ADVANCE
When Capsulebrowser for MEAP ADVANCE is enabled on the imageRUNNER
ADVANCE Series, these models allow you to save scanned data on the hard disk of the
main unit via FTP. You can download data via Web Browser at a later time. You can also
password protect your files to restrict unauthorized access. This enhances your
document security.
* Available as an option.
Workflow Composer
Using Workflow Composer, scanning, e-mailing, faxing, and archiving can be done in
one operation, all from a single button on the device control panel. When combined with
user authentication, scan-anywhere solutions can be used. In addition, when combined
with the MEAP Connector (Option), Workflow Composer can be connected with external
systems and can allow sending obtained index information to an SMB or FTP server as
attribute information files.
* Available as an option.


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