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Advanced Box for Simple, Easy Document Sharing
and Collaboration
Serverless File Sharing
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series provides
Advanced Box, which uses dedicated hard disk space
on the device for file sharing over SMB and WebDAV
connections. It has the standard hard disk space of up
to 9.6 GB approximately. The disk space can be
extended up to 112.7 GB approximately. Once files
have been stored in Advanced Box, you can access
these files from PCs and other imageRUNNER
ADVANCE systems running on the network.
* Hard disk mirroring is recommended for data
replication purposes. The optional HDD Mirroring
Kit-D1 or HDD Data Encryption and Mirroring Kit-C1
is required.
* Be sure to back up data at regular intervals.
Otherwise data would be irretrievably lost if a hard
disk failure occurred.
Entirely New User Interface with Enhanced Usability & Enhanced Multimedia Support

User Interface

The Main Menu features a beautiful full-color user interface with enhanced consistency. It provides
access to all device functions (native applications) and MEAP applications. The Quick Menu
provides access to a user-customized screen, where you can access most frequently used Copy,
Send, and Mail Box features as well as job flows registered in Favorites keys and mode memories.
For instance, the Black and White, 2 on 1, and 2-Sided Copy features can be combined with the
Scan to PowerPoint Send feature to register as a job flow in one easy-access key.
In addition, by using authentication, you can view your own Personal Buttons as well as Shared
Buttons. Personal Buttons are unique to a user's workflow and Shared Buttons can be viewed by all
and shared between departments or workgroups. You can easily personalize your Quick Menu and
take full advantage of
increased workflow
productivity and
usability. The number
of buttons, layout,
and background on
both the Main Menu
and Quick Menu can
be customized to suit
all business
High-Speed and High-Performance Image Processing Achieved through Improved CPU Performance
and Color Reproduction
High-Speed CPU & Gigabit Ethernet
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series goes
one step further with its 1.2 GHz CPU, which
helps to achieve faster printer and MEAP
application processing and UI response time.
This all contributes to fast and optimized
operation. In addition, the series has a
Gigabit Ethernet interface for high-speed
network connectivity and data transfer.
Storing Files Saved in a Variety of File Formats
Advanced Box supports a variety of file formats. Documents created on
PCs can be saved in Advanced Box, as well as scanned and received fax
documents. Files saved in file formats such as TIFF and PDF* can be
printed from the device control panel.
* The optional Direct Print Kit (for PDF/XPS)-H1 or the optional PS Printer
Kit-AE1 is required.
Previewing Files on Screen
Files stored in Advanced Box can be previewed on the device touch panel
in the PDF*, TIFF, or JPEG file format. Forwarded fax documents can also
be previewed without using a PC. This saves paper consumption and
gives you an idea of what the final output will look like prior to printing.
* The optional Direct Print Kit (for PDF/XPS)-H1 or the optional PS Printer
Kit-AE1 is required.
New pQ Toner Technology
The "pQ Toner" is the brand-new
low melting point, small particle
size toner capable of
reproducing images with fewer
grainy textures and smoother
gradation. It utilizes the new
toner pulverization technology
which broadens color spaces to
maintain rich printing and
achieve more faithful color
■ Advanced Box
Large-Screen Color TFT LCD
& Slide and Tilt Control Panel
The 8.4-inch full-color TFT screen plays an important role in usability. The slide and tilt control
panel provides greater viewing flexibility and accessibility.
Memory Media and Mobile Phone Support
An IC card reader can be installed on the left side of the device control panel*
such USB memory media sources as SD cards and Memory Stick*
these memory media sources, as well as save scanned data in these memory media sources. In
addition, you can print e-mail messages and JPEG/PDF files stored on your mobile phone via
Infrared Data Access (IrDA)*
The optional USB Device Port-B1 is required.
The optional Multi-Media Reader/Writer-A2 is required.
The optional Mobile Connector Kit-A1 is required.
Job Interruption to Output Urgent Jobs First
You can interrupt the current job to copy, print, or fax your
document first, using the Job Interrupt feature. It
immediately suspends the current job, allows you to
perform your urgent task first, and resumes the suspended
Trapping for High Quality Output
"Trapping" is a technique where the size
of objects is automatically modified so
colors printed next to each other overlap
slightly, to prevent white gaps. It delivers
consistent professional results and
achieves a cleaner finish for page
elements with non-like colors next to
each other. It is supported by PostScript,
Public line
to accommodate
. You can print files stored in


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