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Make Gas Connection - KitchenAid 9759121A Installation Instructions Manual

30" (76.2 cm) commercial style dual fuel range with self-cleaning thermal/ convection oven
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Attaching the Backguard
A. Three front screws (4 rear screws
required but not shown)
Attaching the Island Trim
A. Center hole not used
4. Using 2 or more people, tip the range back so that the front
feet lift off the ground. Slide range toward the wall until the
rear brace is under the anti-tip bracket. Stand range up,
making sure the anti-tip bracket catches the rear brace.

Make Gas Connection

1. Assemble flexible connector from gas supply pipe to pressure
regulator located in the middle front of the range.
2. Apply pipe-joint compound made for use with LP gas to the
smaller thread ends of the flexible connector adapters (see B
and G in following illustration).
3. Attach one adapter to the gas pressure regulator and the
other adapter to the gas shutoff valve. Tighten both adapters.
4. Use a
" combination wrench and channel lock pliers to
attach the flexible connector to the adapters. Check that
connector is not kinked.
A. Gas pressure regulator
B. Use pipe-joint compound.
C. Adapter (must have ½" male
pipe thread)
D. Flexible connector
Complete Connection
1. Open the manual shutoff valve in the gas supply line. The
valve is open when the handle is parallel to the gas pipe.
A. Closed valve
B. Open valve
2. Test all connections by brushing on an approved
noncorrosive leak-detection solution. If bubbles appear, a
leak is indicated. Correct any leak found.
3. Remove cooktop burner caps, grates and simmer plate from
parts package. Align notches in burner caps with pins in
burner base. Burner caps should be level when properly
positioned. If burner caps are not properly positioned,
surface burners will not light. Place burner grates over
burners and caps.
A. Burner base
B. Burner cap
C. Burner grate
D. Simmer plate
4. Turn on power supply. "PF" should appear on the clock
display. For further information, please refer to the user
instructions located in the Use and Care Guide.
E. Manual gas shutoff valve
F. ½" or ¾" gas pipe
G. Use pipe-joint compound.
H. Adapter



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