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KitchenAid 2000491 Installation Instructions Manual page 11

36” built-in refrigerator
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Remove two nuts from
one end of the top panel
frame. Remove end
piece. Slide decorative panel into
panel frame. Replace end piece
using nuts.
Check that
top grille is aligned with
top trim on cabinet. Use
six1 screws to tighten top grille frame
to refrigerator. Check that the power
switch is in the "ON" position.
Attach top grille decorative panel
assembly to the keyhole bracket on
the frame and pull down to secure.
If the top grille decorative panel
does not fit evenly within frame, the
keyhole bracket can be moved side
to side by adjusting the bracket
screws or the decorative panel
bracket can be moved up or down
by adjusting the decorator panel
bracket nuts.
Check that doors can
open freely. If not, the
door stops or hinges
can be adjusted.
To adjust horlzontally:
Loosen set
screw in top and bottom hinges with
Allen wrench. Determine the door
swing desired. Hold door in that
position and tighten the set screws.
The doors have stops at 90°, 115'
and 137O positions. If the door
stops cannot be adjusted to clear
countertops, the countertops may
need to be mitered. (Consult your
builder to adjust countertops.)
To adjust vertically: Loosen, do
not remove, top and t>ottom hinge
screws. Lift door and bottom hinge
to desired position. Tighten bottom
hinge screws and then top hinge
Check the water
connections at the
bottom of the refrigerator
again for leaking. Any leaking can
cause refrigerator and floor damage.
El I
Open both doors. Use
two screws to attach
bottom grille to cabinet.
Put shelves and bins
into the refrigerator and
freezer compartments.
Remove protective film from door
Move the ice maker arm
into the down position.
Set refrigerator and
freezer compartment controls to the
midpoint between "COLD" and
"COLDEST". Check that the
compressor is operating properly.
Check that all five interior lights and
one exterior light above dispenser
area are working.
Use a drinking glass to
press ice dispenser bar.
You should hear the
motor and auger operating. Press
the glass against the water
dispenser bar. Dispense and
discard about 2 to 3-quarts of water
.to remove air from system and
rinse tank.
To get the most efficient
use from your new
built-in refrigerator, read
your KitchenAid
and Care Guide. Keep
Ins talla tion Ins true tions
and Guide close to
built-in refrigerator for
easy reference.



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