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Loading Top Rack; Loading Bottom Rack - Kenmore 665.1770 Series Use & Care Manual

Portable dishwasher
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The toprack isdesigned forcups, glasses, and smaller items.
(See recommended
loading p atterns shown.)
NOTE: The features onyourdishwasher
rack may vary from the
drawings shown.
Cup and glass load
Mixed load
Place items so open ends face down for cleaning and
Load glasses in top rack only. The bottom rack is not
designed for glasses. Damage can occur.
Place cups and glasses in the rows between tines. Placing
them over the tines can lead to breakage.
China, crystal, and other delicate items must not touch each
other during dishwasher operation.
Damage may occur.
Load plastic items in the top rack only. Only plastic items
marked "dishwasher
safe" are recommended.
Load plastic items so the force of the spray does not move
them during the cycle.
To avoid chipping, do not let stemware touch other items.
Small bowls, pans, and other utensils can be placed in the
top rack. Load bowls in the center section for best stability.
No-flip clips (on some models)
The no-flip clips hold lightweight plastic items such as cups, lids,
or bowls in place during washing.
To move a clip
1. Pull the clip up and off the tine.
2. Reposition the clip on another tine.
Bot m
The bottom rack is designed for plates, pans, casseroles, and
utensils. Items with cooked-on
or dried-on food should be loaded
with soiled surfaces facing inward to the spray. (See
loading patterns shown.)
NOTE: The features on your dishwasher rack may vary from the
drawings shown.
Do not cover spray tower. See arrow.
Mixed load
Do not load glasses, cups, or plastic items in the bottom
rack. Load small items in the bottom rack only if they are
secured in place.
Load plates, soup bowls, etc., between tines and facing
inward to the spray.
Overlap the edges of plates for large loads.
Load soup, cereal, and serving bowls in the rack in a variety
of ways depending
upon their size and shape. Load bowls
securely between the rows of tines. Do not nest bowls
because the spray will not reach all surfaces.
Utensil load


Table of Contents

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