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Assembly & Preparation


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 VULCAN 1600 NOMAD VN1600 CLASSIC TOURER Motorcycle Assembly & Preparation Manual...
  • Page 2 Foreword In order to ship Kawasaki vehicles as effi- ciently as possible, they are partially disassem- WARNING bled before crating. Since some of the most This warning symbol identifies special commonly removed parts have a direct bear- instructions or procedures which, if not ing on a vehicle’s reliability and safety, consci-...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Uncrating ..................Opening Crate ................Parts Check ................. Assembly ..................Handlebar..................Throttle Grip and Right Switch Housing ........Front Brake Master Cylinder ............Left Switch Housing..............Clutch Master Cylinder ..............Wiring Clamps ................Front Fender................Front Wheel Installation............... Front Brake Hose Grommets ............
  • Page 5: Uncrating

    UNCRATING 3 Uncrating Opening Crate • Clear a space about 6 m (20 ft.) square to give yourself plenty of space to work. • Place the crate upright on its base. • Remove the cardboard cover. • Remove the handlebar, front wheel, and the parts box.
  • Page 6: Parts Check

    4 UNCRATING Parts Check • Open the parts box, and check the parts against the illustrations. There may be minor differences between these illustrations and the actual vehicle parts. In the following charts under Remarks, D = diameter in millimeters, L = length in millimeters, and T = Thickness in millimeters.
  • Page 7 UNCRATING 5 Part Name Remarks 1 Handlebar with Grip Handlebar Clamp Clamp Bolt, Socket 4 D = 10, L = 23 4 Large Plastic Plug, Clamp Bolt Throttle Grip Clamp, Master Cylinder Clamp Bolt, Master Cylinder, Socket 4 D = 6, L = 20 Plastic Plug, Clamp Bolt 4 Small Plastic Clamp, Wiring and Hose...
  • Page 8 6 UNCRATING * : European Models Only...
  • Page 9 UNCRATING 7 Part Name Remarks 8 Horn with Bracket Flanged Bolt, Horn 9 License Plate Bracket Bolt, Bracket, License Plate D = 6, L = 12 Bracket, Reflector (US)(CN)(AUS) only Reflector (US)(CN) only Reflector (AUS) only Cap Nut, Reflector D = 5, (US)(CN) only Cap Nut, Reflector D = 5, (AUS) only Cap Nut, Black, License Plate...
  • Page 10: Assembly

    8 ASSEMBLY Assembly Throttle Grip and Right Switch Housing Handlebar Alignment Pin Type NOTE • Apply a light coat of grease on the exposed Position the handlebar clamp on the handle- portion of the throttle inner cables. • bar with the slanted side facing rearward. Fit both throttle cable tips into the nearest •...
  • Page 11: Front Brake Master Cylinder

    ASSEMBLY 9 • Push the small plastic plugs (2) into the mas- ter cylinder clamp bolts. A. Right Switch Housing B. Screws (L = 25) C. Harness A. Plastic Plugs D. Throttle Cable (Accelerator) B. Master Cylinder E. Throttle Cable (Decelerator) F.
  • Page 12: Clutch Master Cylinder

    10 ASSEMBLY Clutch Master Cylinder Wiring Clamps • • Apply silicone grease or PBC grease to the Fasten the front brake hose and the right master cylinder clamp bolts. switch housing harness to the right side of • Install the clutch master cylinder with its the handlebar with two plastic clamps.
  • Page 13: Front Fender

    ASSEMBLY 11 A. Left Switch Lead B. Clutch Hose C. Fasten the left switch lead and the clutch hose with two plastic clamps. D. Fasten the right switch lead with the plastic clamp. E. Fasten the right switch lead and the brake hose with the plastic clamp. F.
  • Page 14: Front Wheel Installation

    12 ASSEMBLY Front Fender Installation US and CN Models • Lift the motorcycle off the crate base and sup- port the motorcycle with a suitable stand or jack. • Loosen the axle clamp bolts on the right fork leg and remove the front axle. •...
  • Page 15 ASSEMBLY 13 A. Front Tire A. Pump the fork up and down. B. Arrow B. Block C. Rotation • Tighten the axle clamp bolts on the right fork • leg to the specified torque. Fit the axle collars on both sides of the front wheel hub.
  • Page 16: Front Brake Hose Grommets

    14 ASSEMBLY • Other than US and CN Models Check the front brake. A. Front Brake Hose (Left) A. Front Brake Caliper (Left) B. Grommet B. Bolts (D = 10, L = 47) C. Brake Hose Clamp (Left) WARNING Do not attempt to ride the motorcycle un- Front and Rear Shift Pedals til a full brake lever is obtained by pump- ing the brake lever until the pads are...
  • Page 17: Front Footboard (left)

    ASSEMBLY 15 • Install both front left and right guards on the Front Footboard (Left) frame with the upper mounting bolts (D = 10, L = 25), and on the front footboard brackets with the lower mounting bolts (D = 10, L = 30). NOTE Install the left footboard after the “Clutch Fluid”...
  • Page 18: Helmet Locks

    16 ASSEMBLY Helmet Locks • Unlock the helmet lock with the key and fit the small projection of the lock into the hole in the bracket of each rear guard and fasten it with the screw (D = 5, L = 12) having a non-permanent locking agent.
  • Page 19: Backrest Pad

    ASSEMBLY 17 • Label Installation (for US and CN Mod- Install the backrest between the brackets with els only) the flanged bolts (D = 8, L = 50)(4) and the cap • Wipe off any oil or grease from the application nuts (D = 8).
  • Page 20: Choke Knob

    18 ASSEMBLY A. Horn A. Locknut B. Bolt (D = 8, L = 12) B. Rear View Mirror (Left) C. Bracket • Installation and adjustment of the right side mirror is common with the left side. Follow Choke Knob the procedure specified for the left side. •...
  • Page 21: Windshield

    ASSEMBLY 19 A. Lower Hexagonal Area for Tightening A. Windshield Assembly • B. Upper Hexagonal Area (Adapter) Remove the dummy bolts on the fork cover C. Stay and discard them. D. Non-permanent Locking Agent applied. • Turn the stay to assure visibility to the rear with the operator sitting on the motorcycle.
  • Page 22 20 ASSEMBLY • Install each deflector on the bracket with the socket bolts (D = 8, L = 10)(2) for each side and tighten them. A. Windshield Assembly B. Socket Bolts (D = 8, L = 10) Trim Installation [EUR Models Only] •...
  • Page 23: License Plate Bracket

    ASSEMBLY 21 A. Reflectors A. Bolts B. Reflector Bracket B. Sub-windshield C. License Plate Holder D. Cap Nuts (D = 5) • License Plate Bracket Install the license plate holder and the rear reflector bracket on the license plate bracket License Plate Bracket Installation with the bolts (D = 6, L = 14)(3) and plated •...
  • Page 24: Left Saddlebag

    22 ASSEMBLY A. Reflector A. License Plate Holder B. License Plate Holder B. Bolt (D = 6, L = 14) C. Cap Nut (D = 5) C. Cap Nut D. License Plate Bracket • Install the license plate holder on the license plate bracket with the bolts (D = 6, L = 14)(3) and plated cap nuts (3) and tighten them.
  • Page 25 ASSEMBLY 23 • Open the saddlebag lid, and insert the upper dampers (2) into the holes in the saddlebag. • Push the flanged collars (2) into the damper. A. Lock B. Left Saddlebag C. Locked-position Mark D. Projections A. Upper Damper E.
  • Page 26: Brake Disc Cleaning

    24 PREPARATION • • Measure the clearances between both the After the saddlebag is installed, open and front and rear upper dampers and the up- close the lid several times, and check for per mounting bracket with the saddlebag smooth movement of the lid handle and lid lightly pushed by hand against the mounting lock operation.
  • Page 27 PREPARATION 25 Battery Model Name for VN1600–D1: FTZ16–BS A. Rider’s Seat B. Bolt (D = 6, L = 14) A. Model Name of the Electrolyte • Remove the screw (D = 6, L = 14) and pull B. Model Name of the Battery the right side cover outward to clear the pro- jections.
  • Page 28: Battery Activation

    26 PREPARATION Battery Activation Filling the Battery with Electrolyte CAUTION Do not remove the aluminum sealing sheet [A] from the filler ports [B] until just prior to use. Be sure to use the ded- icated electrolyte container for correct electrolyte volume. •...
  • Page 29 • If using a recommended battery charger, fol- low the charger’s instructions for newly acti- vated sealed battery. Kawasaki-recommended chargers: Optimate III Yuasa 1.5 Amp Automatic Charger Battery Mate 150–9 • If the above chargers are not available, use equivalent one.
  • Page 30 28 PREPARATION • Pull the battery positive cable (+) downward and through the guide in the right side of the battery case, and then route the cable as shown. • Reinstall the 15 A fuse holder and the battery holder, and then install the black diagnosis 4 P connector on the holder and connect the 6 P connector, and fasten the harness with the plastic clamp.
  • Page 31 PREPARATION 29 Rider’s Seat Installation Viewed from Right • Insert the projection at the front of the rider’s seat into the receptacle on the frame. A. Positive Terminal (+) B. Battery C. Positive Cable (+) A. Projection D. ECU Relay B.
  • Page 32: Front Brake Fluid

    30 PREPARATION A. Bolt (D = 6, L = 14) A. Front Brake Fluid Reservoir B. Passenger’s Seat B. Upper Level Line WARNING Front Brake Fluid Never reuse old brake fluid. Do not use fluid from a container that Front Brake Fluid Level Inspection •...
  • Page 33: Rear Brake Fluid

    PREPARATION 31 • Attach a clear plastic hose to the bleed valve on each front brake caliper and run the other end of the hose into a container. • With the reservoir cap off, slowly pump the brake lever several times until no air bubbles can be seen rising up through the fluid from the holes at the bottom of the reservoir.
  • Page 34: Clutch Fluid

    32 PREPARATION • • Operate the brake lever several times. When air bleeding is finished, check that the • If it feels spongy, there might be air in the fluid level is between the upper and lower brake line. level lines. •...
  • Page 35 PREPARATION 33 • Attach a clear plastic hose to the bleed valve on the clutch slave cylinder and run the other end of the hose into a container. • With the reservoir cap off, slowly pump the clutch lever several times until no air bubbles can be seen rising up through the fluid from the holes at the bottom of the reservoir.
  • Page 36: Rear Shock Absorber

    34 PREPARATION Rear Shock Absorber Air Pressure Adjustment STD Air pressure: Atmospheric Rebound Damping Force Adjustment • Check the position of the rebound damping force adjuster at the upper end of each rear shock absorber. It has four positions. The numbers on the adjuster show the setting po- sition.
  • Page 37: Engine Oil (4-stroke)

    PREPARATION 35 NOTE A permanent type of antifreeze is installed in the cooling system when shipped. It is col- ored green and contains ethylene glycol. It is mixed at 50 % and has the freezing point of – 35°C (– 31°F). Engine Oil (4-stroke) Engine Oil Level Inspection NOTE...
  • Page 38: Final Gear Case Oil

    36 PREPARATION Final Gear Case Oil Final Gear Case Oil Level Inspection • Have a helper hold the motorcycle vertical on level ground. • Remove the filler cap. • Check the oil level. If it is low, add oil as necessary.
  • Page 39: Throttle Grip And Cable

    PREPARATION 37 • When replacing the filler cap, be sure the O -ring is in place, and install the cap. Final Gear Case Oil Type: API “GL-5” Hypoid gear oil Viscosity: SAE 90 [above 5°C (41°F)] SAE 80 [below 5°C (41°F)] Capacity: 0.2 L (0.21 US qt) Final Gear Case Oil Drain Plug Torque:...
  • Page 40: Headlight Aim

    38 PREPARATION Headlight Aim The headlight beam is adjustable both hori- zontally and vertically. Headlight aim must be correctly adjusted for safe riding as well as on- coming drivers. In most areas it is illegal to ride with an improperly adjusted headlight. Horizontal Adjustment •...
  • Page 41 PREPARATION 39 A. Rear Brake Light Switch B. Adjusting Nut C. Lights sooner. D. Lights later. CAUTION To avoid damaging the electrical con- nections inside the switch, be sure that the switch body does not turn during ad- justment.
  • Page 42: Fastener Check

    40 PREPARATION Fastener Check • The torque values listed are for assembly and preparation items only, see the appropriate Service Manual for a more comprehensive list. Check tightness of all fasteners that are in the table before retail delivery. Also check to see that each cotter pin or circlip is in place.
  • Page 43 PREPARATION 41 Torque Fastener Remarks N·m kgf·m ft·lb Steering Handlebar clamp bolts Steering stem head nut Brake Front master cylinder clamp bolts 0.90 78 in·lb Front caliper mounting bolts (Left and Right) Front brake bleed valves (Left and Right) 0.80 69 in·lb Rear master cylinder mounting bolts Rear caliper mounting bolts...
  • Page 44: Standard Torque Table

    42 PREPARATION Standard Torque Table Control Throttle control cables must Cables: work without binding in any This table relating tightening torque to thread steering position. diameter, lists the basic torque for bolts and Steering: Action is free from nuts. Use this table for only the bolts and nuts lock-to-lock.
  • Page 46 MODEL APPLICATION Year Model Name VULCAN 1600 NOMAD 2005 VN1600–D1 VN1600 CLASSIC TOURER Part No. 99931-1445-01...

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