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Mixing Tips; Mixing And Kneading Yeast Dough - KitchenAid 9706978A Instructions Manual

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Mixing Tips

Converting Your Recipe to the Mixer
The mixing instructions found in this book
can be used to convert your favorite recipes
for use with your KitchenAid
To help determine a mixing procedure, your
own observations and experience will be
needed. Watch the batter or dough and mix
only until it has the desired appearance
described in your recipe, such as "smooth
and creamy." Use the "Speed Control
Guide" to help determine proper mixing
Adding Ingredients
The standard procedure to follow when
mixing most batters, especially cake and
cookie batters, is to add:
1/3 dry ingredients
1/2 liquid ingredients
1/3 dry ingredients
1/2 liquid ingredients
1/3 dry ingredients
Use Stir Speed until ingredients have been
blended. Then gradually increase to desired
Always add ingredients as close to side of
bowl as possible, not directly into moving

Mixing and Kneading Yeast Dough

1. Place all dry ingredients including yeast
into bowl, except last 1 to 2 cups (250 mL
to 500 mL) flour.
2. Attach bowl and dough hook. Lock
5K45SS head or raise 5K5SS/5KPM5
bowl. Turn to Speed 2 and mix about
15 seconds or until ingredients are
3. Continuing on Speed 2, gradually add
liquid ingredients to flour mixture, about
30 seconds to 1 minute. Mix 1 minute
beater. The Pouring Shield can be used to
simplify adding ingredients.
NOTE: If ingredients in very bottom of
bowl are not thoroughly mixed, the beater
is not far enough into the bowl. See "Beater
to Bowl Clearance."
Cake Mixes
When preparing packaged cake mixes, use
Speed 4 for medium speed and Speed 6 for
high speed. For best results, mix for the
time stated on the package directions.
Adding Nuts, Raisins or
Candied Fruits
Solid materials should be folded in the last
few sections of mixing on Stir Speed. The
batter should be thick enough to keep the
fruits and nuts from sinking to the bottom
of the pan during baking. Sticky fruits
should be dusted with flour for better
distribution in the batter.
Liquid Mixture
Mixtures containing large amounts of liquid
ingredients should be mixed at lower
speeds to avoid splashing. Increase speed
only after mixture has thickened.
NOTE: If liquid ingredients are added too
quickly, they will form a pool around the
dough hook and slow down mixing process.
4. Continuing on speed 2, gently tap
remaining flour around sides of bowl,
1/2 cup (125 mL) at a time, as needed.
Mix until dough clings to hook and
cleans sides of bowl, about 2 minutes.

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