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Heating With Multiple Cooking Stages; Suggestions For Getting The Best Results - Frigidaire 316495088 Use & Care Manual

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Heating with multiple cooking stages
For best results, some microwave recipes call for different
power levels or different lengths of time for cooking. Your
microwave may be set to change from one stage to another
automatically (2 stages maximum).
Example: to cook food for 3 minutes at 80% power and
then 50% power for 6 minutes 30 seconds:
1. Press Micro Cooktime.
Suggestions for getting
the best results
Use the number pads to enter
heating time for the 1st stage (cook
time may be set up to 99 minutes
and 99 seconds).
3. Press Power
Level pad once.
To help you achieve the best possible results from your
microwave oven, read the following suggestions below;
Storage temperature
Foods taken from the freezer or refrigerator take longer to
cook than the same foods would at room temperature.
Small pieces of food cook faster than large ones. Pieces
similar in size and shape will cook more evenly when
cooked together. For more even results, reduce the
power levels when cooking large pieces of food.
Natural moisture
Very moist foods cook more evenly because microwave
energy heats water molecules very efficiently.
Use the number keys to enter power
level for the 1st stage. PL8 appears
in the display (80 % power).
Press Micro Cooktime
pad for
2nd stage.
Use the number pads to enter
heating time for the 2nd stage (cook
time may be set up to 99 minutes
and 99 seconds).
Press Power Level pad for 2nd
Use the number key to enter power
level for the 2nd stage. PL5 appears
in the display (50 % power).
9. Press START pad.
When heating has finished you will hear beeps.
Power level must always be programmed for first
stage - 100% =10.
Stir foods such as casseroles and vegetable from the
outside to the center to distribute the heat more evenly.
This will allow the food to cook faster. Constant stirring is
not necessary.
Turn over items
Turn over foods such as pork chops, roasts or whole
cauliflower halfway through the cook time. This will help
to expose all sides equally to microwave energy.
Food _placement
Place delicate areas of food items, such as asparagus
tips, toward the center of the turntable tray.
Food arrangement
Arrange unevenly shaped foods, such as chicken pieces
or salmon, with the thicker or meatier parts toward the
outside of the turntable tray.
Let the food stand
After removing the food from the microwave, cover the
food with foil or a casserole lid and let it stand to finish
cooking. This will help the food finish in the center and
avoids overcooking the out edges, The length of stand
time depends on the density and surface area of the food
in paper towels or waxed paper
Sandwiches and many other food types containing pre-
baked bread should be wrapped prior to placing in the
microwave to help prevent the food items fro drying out
while heating.


Table of Contents

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