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Frigidaire 241857202 Use & Care Manual page 16

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Replacing the freezer
Light Bulb
(some Models)
Avoid cuts when replacing light bulbs, wear
1. Unplug refrigerator.
2. Wear gloves as protection against possible
broken glass.
3. Unsnap light shield as shown.
4. Unscrew and replace old bulb with an
appliance bulb of the same wattage.
5. Replace light shield.
6. Remember to plug the refrigerator
back in.
Never Clean Condenser
If your refrigerator
is equipped with a Never
Clean condenser, there's no need to clean the
condenser under normal operating conditions.
If the refrigerator
is operated under particularly
dusty or greasy conditions, or if there is
significant pet traffic in your home, it may be
necessary to periodically clean the condenser
for maximum efficiency.
Pan (some
Keep your refrigerator
and freezer clean to
prevent odor build-up. Wipe up any spills
and clean both sections at least
twice a year. Never use metallic scouring
pads, brushes, abrasive cleaners or strong
alkaline solutions on any surface. Do not wash
any removable parts in a dishwasher. Always
unplug the power cord from the electrical
outlet before cleaning.
When moving the refrigerator,
straight out. Do not shift the refrigerator
from side to side as this may damage
the floor. Be careful not to move the
beyond the plumbing
• Damp objects stick to cold metal surfaces.
Do not touch refrigerated
surfaces with
wet or damp hands.
Never use CHLORIDE to clean stainless
Turning the refrigerator
control to "0" turns off the compressor,
but does not disconnect electrical power
to the light bulb or other electrical
components. To turn off power to your
refrigerator, you must unplug the power
cord from the wall outlet.
Do not use razor blades or other
sharp instruments
which can scratch
the appliance surface when removing
adhesive labels. Any glue left from tape or
labels can be removed with a mixture of
warm water and mild detergent,
or, touch
the glue residue with the sticky side of
tape you have already removed. Do not
remove the serial plate.
Do not use abrasive cleaners such as
window sprays, scouring cleansers,
flammable fluids, cleaning waxes,
bleaches, or
cleansers containing petroleum products
on plastic parts, interior doors, gaskets, or
cabinet liners. Do not use paper towels,
scouring pads, or other abrasive cleaning



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