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30" snow thrower
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If the snowthrowerwill not beusedfor 30daysor longer, o r if it is theendof thesnowseason whenthe lastpossibility of snowisgone,the equipmentneeds to bestored
properly.Follow storageinstructions belowto ensuretop performance f rom thesnowthrowerformanymoreyears.
Engines s toredover30daysneedto bedrained of fuel to prevent d eterioration and
gumfromforminginfuel system or on essential c arburetor p arts.If thegasoline in
yourenginedeteriorates d uringstorage, y oumayneedto havethe carburetor, a nd
otherfuel system components, serviced or replaced.
Remove a ll fuel fromtank byrunningengineuntil it stops.Donot attemptto
pourfuelfrom the engine.
Change theengineoil.
Remove s parkplugandpourapproximately 1oz.(30ml) ofcleanengineoil
into the cylinder. P ullthe recoil s tarterseveral timesto distributetheoil, and
reinstall t he sparkplug.
Clean debrisfrom around engine,andunder, a round, a ndbehindmuffler.
Applya lightfilm ofoil on anyareas that aresusceptible to rust.
Storeinaclean,dry andwell ventilatedareaawayfromanyappliance that
operates with aflameor pilot light,suchasa furnace, w aterheater, o r
clothesdryer. A voidanyareawitha sparkproducing electricmotor, o r where
Whenstoringthe snowthrowerin anunventilated or metalstorage shed,
careshouldbetakento rustproof t he equipment. U sing a lightoil or silicone,
coatthe equipment, e specially a nychains, s prings, b earings andcables.
Remove a ll dirt fromexteriorof engineandequipment.
Store equipmentinaclean,dry area.
Inflatethe tiresto the maximumPSI. R efer t o tire sidewall.
Neverstore snowthrower with fuel in tank indoorsor in poorlyventilated
areas,where fuel fumes may reachan openflame, sparkor pilotlight ason
a furnace,water heater,clothesdryeror gasappliance.
If possible, avoidstorage areas with high humidity.
Keep the enginelevelinstorage. T iltingcancause fuelor oil leakage.

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Table of Contents

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