Starting The Engine - Craftsman 247.883961 Operator's Manual

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Electrk Starter
Use automotivegasoline (unleaded or low leadedto minimizecombustion chamber
deposits) w itha minimumof87 octane.Gasoline w ith up to 10%ethanolor 15%
MTBE (Methyl T ertiaryButylEther) canbeused. N everuseanoil/gasoline mixture
or dirty gasoline. A void getting dirt, dust,or waterinthe fuel tank.DO NOT useE85
Refuel i n awell-ventilated areawith the engine stopped.Donot smokeor
allowflamesor sparks in the area wherethe engineisrefueled or where
gasoline isstored.
Donot overfillthe fuel tank.After refueling, m akesurethe tank capisclosed
properly andsecurely.
Becareful n ot to spillfuel whenrefueling.Spilled fuel or fuelvapormay
ignite.Ifanyfuel isspilled,makesuretheareaisdry before startingthe
Avoidrepeated or prolongedcontact w ith skinor breathingof vapor.
Useextreme carewhen handling gasoline.Gasolineisextremely
flammable and the vapors areexplosive.Neverfuel the machineindoors or
while the engine ishotor running. Extinguishcigarettes,cigars,pipesand
other sources of ignition.
Clean aroundfuel fill before removing capto fuel.
Afuel levelindicatorislocatedinthe fueltank.SeeFigure 16inset.Be
careful n ot to overfill.Filltank untilfuel reaches t he fuel levelindicatorto
allowspace forfuel expansion.
Starting TheEngine
Alwayskeephandsandfeet clearof moving parts. Donot usea pressurized
starting fluid. Vaporsareflammable.
flOTE tAllow the engineto warmup forafew minutesafterstarting.Theenginewill
not develop full poweruntil it reaches o peratingtemperatures.
Makecertainboththe augercontrol a nddrivecontrol a reinthe disengaged
(released) position.
Insertkeyintoslot.Makesureit snaps into place.Donot attemptto turn the
NOTE: Theenginecannotstartwithout the keyfullyinsertedinto the
Theelectric starter isequippedwith a groundedthree-wire power plug,
andisdesignedto operate on 120voltAChousehold current. I t must be
usedwith a properly groundedthree-prong receptacleat all times to avoid
the possibilityof electrk shock.Follow all instructionscarefully prior to
operatingthe electricstarter. DONOT useelectric starter in the rain.
Determine thatyourhome's wiring isathree-wiregrounded system. A ska licensed
electrician if youarenot certain.
Ifyouhavea grounded three-prongreceptacle, proceed asfollows.If youdonot
havethe properhouse wiring, DO NOT usethe electricstarterunderanyconditions.
Pluganextension cordinto the outletlocated on the engine's surface. P lug
the otherendofextension cordintoathree-prong120-volt,grounded, A C
outlet inawell-ventilated area.
Theextensioncordcan beany length, but must be ratedfor 15ampsat
125volts,groundedand ratedfor outdoor use.
Movethrottlecontrolto FAST ( rabbit)_ 11 position.
Movechoke to the CHOKE 1 ,'_'1 position(coldenginestart).Ifengineis
warm,placechokeinRUN position.
Push primerthree(3)times,makingsureto coverventholein primerbulb
whenpushing.If engineiswarm,pushprimeronlyonce. A lwayscovervent
holewhen pushing. C ool w eathermayrequireprimingto berepeated.
Push starterbuttonto startengine.Once the enginestarts,immediately
release starterbutton. Electric s tarterisequipped with thermaloverload
protection; s ystemwill temporarily shut-downto allowstarterto coolif
electricstarterbecomes o verloaded.
Asthe enginewarms,slowlyrotatethe chokecontrol t o RUN position.If the
enginefalters,restartengineandrunwith chokeat half-choke positionfora
shortperiodoftime,andthenslowlyrotatethe chokeinto RUN position.
Afterengineisrunning,disconnect powercordfrom electricstarter.When
disconnecting, alwaysunplugthe endat the walloutlet before unplugging
the oppositeendfromthe engine.

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Table of Contents

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