Craftsman 247.883971 Operator's Manual page 9

Cx series electric start snow thrower
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Drift Cutters
Thesnowthrowerdrift cuttersaremountedinverted a t the factoryforshipping
Remove t he fourwing knobs(twooneachside)andcarriage bolts.Place
drift cutter inuprightpositionandre-secure. S eeFigure 9.
TirePressure (Pneumatic Tires)
Underanycircumstance donot exceedmanufacturer'srecommended p si.
Equal t ire pressure s hould be maintained at all times. Excessive pressure
whenseating beadsmay causetire/rim assembly to burst with force
sufficient to causeseriousinjury.Referto sidewallof tire for recommended
Thetirescanbeover-inflated for shipping purposes. Check t he tire pressure
beforeoperatingthesnowthrower. Referto thetire sidewall formanufactures's
recommended p sianddeflate(orinflate) t he tiresasnecessary.
NOTE: Equal t ire pressure i sto bemaintained at all timesforperformance purposes.
Use automotivegasoline (unleaded or lowleadedto minimizecombustion chamber
deposits) w itha minimumof87 octane.Gasoline w ith up to 10%ethanolor 1__%
MTBE (Methyl T ertiaryButylEther) canbeused. N everuseanoil/gasoline mixture
or dirty gasoline. A void getting dirt, dust,or waterinthe fueltank.DO NOT useE85
Refuel i n awell-ventilated areawith the engine stopped.Donot smokeor
allowflames or sparks in the area wherethe engineisrefueled o r where
gasoline isstored.
Donot overfillthe fueltank.After refueling, makesurethe tank capisclosed
properly andsecurely.
Becareful n ot to spillfuelwhenrefueling. Spilled fuelor fuelvapormay
ignite. I fanyfuelisspilled,makesuretheareaisdry before startingthe
Avoidrepeated o r prolongedcontact w ith skinor breathingof vapor.
Adding Fuel
Useextreme carewhen handling gasoline.Gasolineisextremely
flammable andthe vaporsareexplosive. Neverfuel the machineindoorsor
while the engine ishotor running. E xtinguish cigarettes,cigars,pipesand
othersources of ignition.
Alwayskeephandsandfeet clearof equipment moving parts. Donot usea
pressurized starting fluid. Vaporsareflammable.
Clean aroundfuelfillbeforeremoving capto fuel.
Afuel levelindicatoris located inthe fuel tank.Filltank untilfuel reaches t he
fuel levelindictor,Figure 10,Becareful n ot to overfill,
FuelLevel I ndicalor
Top View
Figure 1 0
Checking Oil Level
Theengine isshippedwith oilin the engine.Youmust, however, c heck
the oiilevel prior to operatingthe snowthrower. Runningthe engine
with insufficient oilcancauseseriousengine damageandvoidthe engine
NOTE: B e sureto check the engineona levelsurface with the engine stopped.
Toavoidenginedamage, i t isimportantto:
Check o il levelbefore eachuseandevery5 operatinghourswhenengineis
warm.Check oil levelmorefrequentlyduringenginebreak-in.
Keep oil levelbetween"H"and"L" marksondipstkk. SeeFigure 11.
Besureoil fillcap/plugistightenedsecurely whenchecking.
Remove t heoil fillercap/dipstick andwipethe dipstick clean.SeeFigure 11.
Insertthe cap/dipstick intotheoil fillerneck,andtightenthe capturning
clockwise until capisseated.



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