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Craftsman 247.883971 Operator's Manual page 3

Cx series electric start snow thrower
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Thissymbolpointsout importantsafety instructionswhich, if not
followed, could endangerthe personalsafetyand/or property of
yourself and others.Readandfollow all instructions in this manual
beforeattempting to operatethis machine.Failureto complywith these
instructions m ay resultin personalinjury.Whenyou seethis symbol, HEED
EngineExhaust, s omeof its constituents,and certain vehiclecomponents
containor emit chemicalsknownto Stateof California to causecancerand
birth defectsor other reproductiveharm.
Thismachinewasbuilt to beoperatedaccordingto the safeoperation
practicesin this manual.Aswith anytype of powerequipment,
carelessness o r error on the part of the operatorcanresultin seriousinjury.
Thismachineiscapableof amputating fingers, hands,toesandfeet and
throwing debris. Failureto observethefollowing safety instructions c ould
resultin seriousinjuryor death.
Your Responsibility--Restrict
the useof this powermachineto
personswho read,understandandfollow the warnings and instructions i n
this manualandon the machine.
Read, u nderstand, andfollowall instructions onthe machine andinthe
manual(s) b efore attemptingto assemble andoperate.Failure to dosocan
resultinserious injury tothe operatorand/orbystanders. Keep this manual
inasafeplaceforfutureandregularreference a ndfororderingreplacement
Befamiliarwith all controls andtheir properoperation. K nowhowto stop
the machine anddisengage themquickly.
Never a llowchildrenunder14yearsof ageto operate this machine. C hildren
14andovershouldreadandunderstand the instructionsandsafeoperation
practices inthis manual a ndonthe machine andbetrainedandsupervised
Never a llowadultsto operatethismachine without properinstruction.
Thrown objectscancause serious personal injury.Planyoursnow-throwing
patternto avoiddischarge o f materialtowardroads, b ystanders andthe like.
Keep bystanders, petsandchildren at least75feetfrom the machine whileit
isin operation. S topmachine if anyone entersthe area.
Exercise c autionto avoidslippingor falling, especially whenoperatingin
Thoroughly inspect the areawherethe equipmentisto beused.Remove a ll
doormats, n ewspapers, sleds, b oards, w iresandotherforeignobjects, w hich
couldbetrippedoveror thrownbythe auger/impeller.
Always wearsafetyglasses o r eyeshields duringoperation andwhile
performinganadjustment o r repairto protectyoureyes. T hrown objects
whichricochetcancause serious injury to the eyes.
Donot operate without wearingadequate winteroutergarments. D onot
wearjewelry,longscarves orotherloose clothing,whichcouldbecome
entangled in movingparts.Wearfootwearwhichwill improve f ooting on
Use a grounded three-wireextension cordandreceptacle f orall machines
with electricstartengines.
Disengage a ll controlleversbefore startingtheengine.
Adjustcollector housing heightto cleargravelor crushed rocksurfaces.
Neverattemptto makeanyadjustments whileengineisrunning,except
wherespecifically recommended i nthe operator's manual.
Letengineandmachine adjustto outdoortemperature before startingto
Safe Handling
of Gasoline:
Toavoid personalinjuryor property damageuseextreme carein handling
gasoline.Gasolineisextremely flammable andthe vaporsareexplosive.
Seriouspersonalinjurycan occurwhengasolineis spilledon yourself o r your
clotheswhichcanignite. Washyour skinandchangeclothesimmediately.
Use onlyanapproved gasoline container.
Neverfill containers inside a vehicle or ona truckor trailerbedwitha plastic
liner.Alwaysplacecontainers onthe groundawayfrom yourvehiclebefore
Whenpractical,remove gas-powered equipment f rom the truckor
trailer andrefuelit onthe ground.Ifthisis not possible, thenrefuelsuch
equipmenton atrailerwith aportablecontainer, r atherthanfrom agasoline
dispenser n ozzle.
Keep the nozzleincontactwith the rim ofthe fuel tankor container o pening
at all timesuntil fuelingiscomplete. D onot usea nozzle lock-open device.
Extinguish all cigarettes, c igars, p ipesandothersources of ignition.
Neverfuel machine indoors.
Neverremove gascapor addfuel whilethe engineishot or running.Allow
engineto coolat leasttwo minutesbefore refueling.
Neveroverfill fueltank.Filltank to nomorethan1/2 inchbelowbottomof
filler neckto allowspace for fuelexpansion.
Replace g asoline capandtightensecurely.
Ifgasoline isspilled,wipeit offthe engineandequipment. M oveunitto
anotherarea.Wait.5minutesbefore startingtheengine.



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