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Using The Dispenser - Kenmore 461970203975 Use & Care Manual

He 3t front-loading automatic washer
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Your new washer has a dispenser drawer with four separate
for your laundry products--two
are for detergent,
one is for liquid chlorine bleach, and one is for liquid fabric
softener. Laundry products are diluted and dispensed
automatically at the proper time during the wash cycle, making it
unnecessary for you to return to the washer during the cycle to
add them.
It is normal for small amounts of water to remain in the
dispensers when the wash cycle is complete.
Do not put laundry additives directly into the wash tub. Always
use the proper dispenser s when adding laundry products.
the Right Detergent
For best washing performance, use a High Efficiency (HE), or
detergent. Regular detergents may cause
in the washer. If a High Efficiency detergent is
unavailable, use V2the recommended amount of regular
Most detergents formulated for hand-washing
are not meant for
washers and may cause oversudsing.
Start with V4
the recommended amount. If oversudsing occurs, try a detergent
formulated for high efficiency washers.
To fill dispenser compartments
1. Pull out the dispenser drawer.
Add the desired laundry product to the proper compartment.
Push in the dispenser drawer carefully and completely (to
avoid spillage).
_ detergent
1 in Dispenser Illustration)
Add det ._rgentto this compartment when using the Prewash
option c" Auto Soak. Liquid or powdered detergent may be used
in this c,_mpartment. The detergent will automatically be
dispens_.,d during Prewash if the Prewash option is selected or
during tl _esoak time if Auto Soak is selected.
If yo J use High Efficiency (HE) detergent, add 1/3the
reco_nmended amount to the prewash compartment and 2/3
the recommended
amount to the main wash compartment.
If you use regular detergent, add 1/6 of the recommended
amount to the prewash compartment and 1/3of the
amount to the main wash compartment.
Main Wash detergent
(Number 3 in Dispenser Illustration)
Add liquid or powdered detergent to this compartment for your
main wash cycle. The detergent separator must always be in
place, either in the front or back position.
IMPORTANT: If you are using the Prewash option, the Auto Soak
with a wash cycle, or Delay, powdered detergent must be used in
the main wash compartment since liquid detergents may seep
out of the main wash compartment during the prewash, soak
time, or delay before the main wash begins.
Do not fill beyond the "MAX" level.
Liquid or powdered color-safe bleach may be added to the
Main Wash compartment
along with the same type of
detergent, liquid or powdered.
Liquid detergent: Put the SEPARATOR in the front position,
between the guides, as shown following. There will be no gap
between the bottom of the wash cycle detergent
compartment and the bottom of the separator.
I, Prewash detergent compartment
2. Separator
3. Main Wash detergent
4. Dispenser release lever
5. Bleach compartment
6. Fabric softener compartment
Separator in front position, between guides
1. Separator
2. Guide

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