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Before You Call Solutions To Common Problems - Electrolux Electric Range Use & Care Manual

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Poor baking results,
- Many factors affect baking results. Hake sure the proper oven rack position
is used. Center food in the oven and space pans to allow air to circulate,
Allow the oven to preheat to the set temperature
before placing food in the
oven. Try adjusting the recipe's recommended temperature or baking time.
If you feel the oven is too hot or cool, see "Adjusting Oven Temperature"
section in this Use & Care Guide.
Appliance is not level.
- Be sure floor is level, strong & stable enough to adequately support range.
o If floor is sagging or sloping, contact a carpenter to correct the situation.
Poor installation. Place oven rack in center of oven. Place a level on the
oven rack. Adjust leveling legs at base of appliance until the rack is level.
Kitchen cabinet alignment may make range appear not level. Be sure
cabinets are square & have sufficient room for appliance clearance.
Cannot moveapplianceeasily. Appliance
- Cabinets not square or are built in too tightly. Contact builder or installer to
must be accessible for service,
make appliance accessible.
Carpet interferes with appliance. Provide sufficient space so appliance can be
lifted over carpet.
Surface element too hot or not hot
* Incorrect control setting. Be sure the correct control is ON for the element that
you are attempting to use.
Surface element does not heat.
- Lightweight or warped pans used. Use only flat, evenly balanced, medium
or heavyweight cookware. Flat pans heat better than warped pans.
Cookware materials and weight of the material affect heating. Heavy &
pans heat evenly. Because lightweight pans heat unevenly,
foods may burn easily.
Entire appliance does not operate.
The time of day is not set. The time of day must first be set in order to
operate the oven. See "Setting the clock" in the Setting
Oven Controls
Be sure cord/plug is plugged correctly into outlet.
- Service wiring is not complete. Contact your dealer, installing agent or
authorized service agent.
Electrical power outage. Check house lights to be sure. Call your local
electric company for service.
Oven portion of appliance
does not
o Be sure the oven controls are set properly for the desired cooking feature.
See Setting Oven Controls in this manual or read the instructions "Entire
appliance does not operate" in this checklist.
Self-clean cycle does not work.
Oven control not set properly. Follow instructions under Self=Clean.
Self-cleaning cycle was interrupted.
Follow steps under "Stopping or
interrupting a self-cleaning cycle" under Self-Cleaning.



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