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Glossary - Honeywell FBII OMNI 600 User Manual

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: Small green power on-off light between the center buttons on the keypad. When lit, the
system is running on primary power; when not lit, the system is running off the backup battery.
Sound from keypad or other horn/siren indicates a burglar alarm, fire alarm, or other
condition you should be alerted to.
ARMED/DISARMED: These terms refer to the burglary portion of your security system. There are
several levels of operation that allow you to protect part of your premises while you remain inside.
Fire sensors and other emergency and environmental features are always active and ready (armed);
they are not affected in any way by arming or disarming the burglary portion of your security
A system setting that turns on the perimeter protection of the building but allows
movement throughout the interior.
ARMED INDICATOR: Red light in the upper portion of the keypad labeled "Armed/
part of the burglar alarm system is armed; when not lit, the burglary portion of the system is
AWAY: A system setting that protects the premises while it is unoccupied. All burglary sensors are
BURGLARY/FIRE: The two major functions of a security system. Fire protection is always armed and
cannot be disarmed. The burglary sensors protect against unauthorized entry into your premises.
The burglary protection can be armed and disarmed, and programmed for special levels of access
and notification.
BYPASS FEATURE: The Bypass feature allows you to exclude a selected zone or zones from the
burglar alarm protection.
BUTTON: A button on the keypad used to activate the Bypass feature.
telephone and/or other communication channels when alarms are activated, if your system is
programmed to communicate alarms off site. The central station will follow their procedures and
your instructions for contacting the proper authorities when a signal is received.
CHIME FEATURE: An optional feature that causes the keypad to chime for one second when selected
doors are opened when the burglary protection is disarmed. Once programmed by your installer,
you can turn Chime on and off with [#] [6].
DURESS: Duress is a system feature that you may have programmed into your system. If someone
forces you to disarm your system, entering the special Duress user code disarms the system and
sends a silent duress emergency signal to the central station so personnel there can respond
The period of time allowed between opening a designated entry/exit door and
disarming the alarm system before the system registers an alarm condition. This is determined at
the time of installation. Your system supports two entry times, allowing you to have a different
length of time for different doors.
The signal monitoring center contacted by your security system over the


." When lit, some
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