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Contacts; Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, And Caller Id; Ringtones And Vibrations; International Calls - Apple iPhone 3GS A1325 User Manual

For ios 7 (october 2013).
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Update your greeting. Tap Voicemail, tap Greeting, tap Custom, then tap Record. Or, to use your
carrier's generic greeting, tap Default.
Set an alert sound for new voicemail. Go to Settings > Sounds.
Change the password. Go to Settings > Phone > Change Voicemail Password.


When viewing a contact's card, a quick tap lets you make a phone call, create an email message,
find the contact's location, and more. See Chapter 28, Contacts, on page 113.

Call forwarding, call waiting, and caller ID

Set up call forwarding, call waiting, or caller ID. (GSM) Go to Settings > Phone.
Call Forwarding: The Call Forwarding icon ( ) appears in the status bar when call forwarding
is on. You must be in range of the cellular network when you set iPhone to forward calls, or
calls won't be forwarded.
Call Waiting: If you're on a call and call waiting is turned off, incoming calls go directly
to voicemail.
Caller ID: For FaceTime calls, your phone number is displayed even if caller ID is turned off.
For CDMA accounts, contact your carrier for information about enabling and using these
features. See

Ringtones and vibrations

iPhone comes with ringtones that sound for incoming calls, Clock alarms, and the Clock timer.
You can also purchase ringtones from songs in the iTunes Store. See Chapter 22,
page 100.
Set the default ringtone. Go to Settings > Sound > Ringtone.
Assign different ringtones for the special people in your life. Go to Contacts, choose a contact,
tap edit, then tap Ringtone.
Turn the ringer on or off. Flip the switch on the side of iPhone.
Clock alarms still sound when the Ring/Silent switch is set to silent.
Turn vibrate on or off. Go to Settings > Sounds. See

International calls

For information about making international calls from your home area (including rates and other
charges that may apply), contact your carrier.
When traveling abroad, you may be able to use iPhone to make calls, send and receive text
messages, and use apps that access the Internet, depending on available networks.
Enable international roaming. Contact your carrier for information about availability and fees.
Voice, text message, and data roaming charges may apply. To avoid charges while
roaming, turn off Voice Roaming and Data Roaming.
Chapter 5
Sounds and silence
on page 31.
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