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Changing A Cycle Or Setting; Adding Items During A Cycle - Kenmore 665.17799 Use & Care Manual

Ultra wash dishwasher
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Use this rinse cycle for
De not
rinsing dishes, glasses,
and silverware that will
not be washed right
with this
You can cancel a cycle at any time.
1. Turn the Cycle Control knob slowly clockwise
until you
hear water draining. Let the dishwasher drain
2. Open the door.
3. Turn the Cycle Control knob to OFE
gin a Cyc
If your dishwasher has more than one wash cycle, you can
change a cycle anytime during a cycle.
1. Lift the door latch to stop the cycle.
2. Turn the Cycle Control knob clockwise.
3. Check the detergent dispensers. They must be filled
properly for the new cycle.
NOTE: Turning the Cycle Control knob can cause the
covered Detergent Dispenser section to open and
release the detergent. Check the covered section if the
cycle uses detergent in both sections.
4. Close the door firmly until it latches. The dishwasher
starts a new cycle.
Add g lte
You can add an item anytime before the main wash starts,
or the Cycle Control knob reaches Water Miser or China/
Light cycles.
1. Lift up the door latch to stop the cycle. Wait for the
spraying action to stop before opening the door.
2, Open the door and add the item.
3. Close the door, but do not latch it. Wait 30 seconds for
the air in the dishwasher to warm up. This reduces the
amount of moisture escaping from the vent when
restarting a cycle.
4. Close the door firmly until it latches. The dishwasher
resumes the cycle.
You can customize your cycles by pressing an option. If
you change your mind, press RESET OPTIONS to turn the
option off. Select a different option if desired.
You can change an option anytime before the selected
option begins. For example, you can press an unheated
drying option any time before drying begins.
Water Heat
Select this option to heat the water to 140°F (60°C) during
parts of the cycle. (See the Cycle Chart.) Heating the water
helps improve washing results. This option adds both heat
and wash time to parts of the cycle.
NOTE: Pots Pans automatically
uses this option. Water
Heat is an option with the Normal Wash, Water Miser and
China/Light cycles.
No Heat Dry
Select this energy-saving
option to dry without heat. No
Heat drying is useful when loads contain plastic
dinnerware that may be sensitive to high temperatures.
The dishes take longer to dry and some spotting can
occur. For best drying, use a liquid rinse aid. Some items
(such as plastics) may need towel drying.
NOTE: Quick Rinse and China/Light automatically
use this
option. No Heat Dry is an option with all other cycles.
Reset Options
Select Reset Options to change an option anytime before
the selected option begins.


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