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Unit settings


Rear panel settings

The unit can be quickly set-up for operation by setting the following controls at the rear of the

Pin settings and labeling

Users can create custom labels for the: microphone/line inputs, description of the music
source. These labels can be attached to the mixer amplifier at position number 2 (see
Figure 3.1). Colored pins can also be inserted at various positions around the dial controls to
indicate the favorite settings for a particular application.
The pins are engineered in such a way that they cannot be taken out by hand. This is to
prevent tampering. The pins are intended to be inserted once, during installation of the unit.
The silver pins should be used to indicate the preferred settings of the unit. The red pins can
optionally be used to indicate the maximum setting of a knob.
If these settings have to be changed, use a pair of soft-tipped pliers to carefully remove the
pins. If you do not have a pair of soft-tipped pliers, you can use ordinary pliers instead, but
first place some plastic tape on the tips of the pliers to prevent damaging the front of the unit.
To remove the clear plastic covers in front of the labels:
To reattach the plastic covers with paper labels:
PLE-1MExx0-xx | V1.0 | 2011.04
DIP switches
Carefully insert a small screwdriver into the cut-out at the bottom of the plastic cover.
Gently lift the cover, and bend it in the middle. Take care not to force the cover or the
front panel.
Insert the paper label into the holder at the front of the unit.
Pick up the cover, and then bend it slightly in the middle by hand.
Fit the cover into the slot at the front of the unit, and then gently release the cover,
making sure that the paper label stays in place.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents