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 Replacing the Processor Module
Ensure that the cam lock is in the fully open position before seating the processor module. Seating the processor module properly in the ZIF
socket does not require force.
A processor module that is not properly seated can result in an intermittent connection or permanent damage to the processor and ZIF
If you have ordered a new microprocessor, you will receive one of the following: a new thermal-cooling assembly which will include an affixed
thermal pad; or, you will receive a new thermal pad along with a tech sheet to illustrate proper installation.
1. Align the pin-1 corner of the processor module with the pin-1 corner of the ZIF socket, and insert the processor module.
The pin-1 corner of the processor module has a triangle that aligns with the triangle on the pin-1 corner of the ZIF socket.
You must position the processor module correctly in the ZIF socket to avoid permanent damage to the module and the socket.
When the processor module is correctly seated, all four corners are aligned at the same height. If one or more corners of the module are higher than the
others, the module is not seated correctly.
2. Tighten the ZIF socket by turning the cam screw clockwise to secure the processor module to the system board.
3. Replace the palm rest (see
4. Replace the display assembly (see
5. Replace the keyboard (see
6. Replace the hinge cover (see
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