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Pen flicks enable you to use the pen to perform actions that normally require a keyboard, such as pressing <Page Up> or using the directional arrow keys. Pen
flicks are quick, directional gestures. You simply quickly draw a short line in one of eight directions. When a pen flick is recognized, the Tablet-PC performs the
action assigned. The image below depicts the default pen flick settings. These can be customized by going to Start>Control Panel>Pen and Input Devices
and clicking on the Flicks tab.

Touch Usage

One of the key advantages of the Latitude XT2 Tablet PC is the ability to easily switch from pen input to touch input.
When you use Touch Mode, a translucent image of a computer mouse, called the touch pointer, floats beneath your finger. The touch pointer has left and right
mouse buttons that you can tap with your finger. You use the area beneath the buttons to drag the touch pointer.
Windows XP
Pen Usage
Using the Pen as a Mouse
You can use the pen the same way you use a mouse or touch pad with a notebook computer. Holding the pen near the display makes a small cursor appear.
Moving the pen moves the cursor.
Tapping on the screen once is the same as clicking with a mouse. A double-tap constitutes a double-click.
Right-clicking with the pen is accomplished by holding the pen tip down on the screen until a red circle surrounds the pointer as illustrated to the right. Lifting
the pen from here opens up the corresponding submenu.
Using the Pen as a Pen
The native handwriting recognition software makes it easy to enter text into your applications with the pen. Some applications, such as Windows Journal,


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