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Tablet-PC Pen
Dell™ Latitude™ XT2 Service Manual 
  Calibrating the Pen
Your Tablet-PC uses a specifically designed electrostatic pen or stylus for use in tablet PC mode. Instead of relying on battery power, the energy source for the
stylus is magnetic energy produced by the excitation coil built into the digitizer itself. The signal from the coil is picked up by the stylus and triggers the stylus
to transmit an electric field.
The transmitted electric field is sensed by a matrix of conductive lines, accurate stylus position determined using the low amplitude signals received on the
vertical and horizontal conductors, and an appropriate signal is transferred to the digitizer's on-board processor.
Tips come in two colors/types, blue and black. The blue tips are designed for a "softer" writing feel. The black tips present a "harder" writing feel. The system
ships with a total of 5 (3 blue and two black) tips. These tips are easily replaced by using the pen-tip removal tool which looks similar to an oversized pair of
tweezers. This tool also ships with the Tablet-PC.
In the event of a suspected digitizer failure, the pen tip should be examined. If the tip is damaged it needs to be replaced. This will oftentimes
remedy to problem with the digitizer.

Calibrating the Pen

The pen can function at the default calibration or at a calibration set by you or by another user. It is recommended that you use the pen only while it is
calibrated to your personal calibration settings. Calibration optimizes pen performance for each user.
To calibrate the pen:
1. Open QuickSet.
2. Click System ® Tablet Settings.
3. On the Dell Tablet Settings window, click Pen & Input then click Calibrate.
4. Follow the instructions on the screen. The calibration markers are displayed on the screen as plus signs (+). Tap the pen in the exact center of each of
the calibration markers.
Be sure to calibrate the pen for use in both portrait and landscape display orientations.


The pen is the first component to be investigated in the event of a suspected problem with the digitizer. Verify the tip is in good shape (free of chips, excessive
wear, etc.) by closely examining it. If there is any doubt, you should change out the tip with a new one or one that is known to be in good condition.
You should also verify that the touch capabilities are not affected. Switch to touch mode and see if the problem still exists. If there are no symptoms present
while in touch mode, the pen tip is the most likely suspect. If the problem does persist in touch mode you should run diagnostics and take the necessary steps
depending on the results.


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