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User interface
CUSTOM MODE allows up to 3 household mem-
bers to personalize up to 3 favorite cycles each.
To enter custom users and personalize favorite
• Use the scroll up or scroll down buttons until you
reach set prefs. Press the select button to enter
the preference menu.
• Press select again to enter CUSTOM MODE.
• Press the button for user 1, user 2 or user 3.
Press select.
Press the button under RBC to name the favorite
cycle alphabetically. Use the button under ::LR#
to add numbers, foreign language characters or
symbols to the name.
Rotate the cycle selector knob in either direction
to select the characters in the name, pausing after
each character to let the cursor advance. Press the
button under DELETE to erase incorrect entries.
There is a blank character between 2 and R for
inserting spaces in your custom name. Pause mo-
mentarily on this character as you would to insert
any other character, then continue.
When the name has been entered, press select to
save the name.
To edit names while in CUSTOM MODE, turn
the dryer off by pressing cancel.
Press any other
button to wake the dryer up. Screen will display
to chsnge or turn off USERS press SELECT.
You must press select within 5 seconds or dryer
will return to normal operation with previous user
selected. After pressing select you have the choice
of change users, edit names, turn off or EXIT.
Make your selection and follow the directions
Each custom user may select up to 3 favorite
cycles. The dryer will remember cycle settings,
options, preferences, etc. for each user. This al-
lows each user to customize without the hassle of
selecting all items each time.


Table of Contents

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