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Options - Electrolux 137357000A Use & Care Manual

Wave-touch front-load gas & electric dryer


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Suitable options will automatically
be indicated
when the cycle is selected.
To select or clear the add steam, wrinkle release,
extended tumble, delicate heat, perfect tumble,
sanitize, shrink guard and damp alert options,
press the options buttons until the desired option
is displayed. Press select and Ot'-4 will be displayed
in the upper right corner. To clear the option, press
select again and ON will disappear.
To protect your fabrics, not all options are available
with every cycle. If an option is not appropriate for
the cycle, it will not be displayed. Occasionally, two
options in the same cycle will conflict with each
other, like eco friendly and sanitize. When this hap-
pens, the option selected first will cause the con-
flicting option to not be selectable.
All options selected for the cycle, except sanitize,
will be remembered each time that cycle is selected
in the future. To prevent unintentional and accidental
exposure of delicate material to sanitize heat, the
sanitize option will not be remembered and must
be reselected each time.


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