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Fujitsu Portfolio Case FMWCC35 Installation Instructions page 2

Portfolio case


Carrying an Extra Battery
To carry an extra PenCentra 130 battery, stretch out the
elasticized battery strap and slip the battery behind it.
On the front of the strap, there is an elasticized pen
holder with which you can store your pen when not in
Attaching the Shoulder Strap
To attach the shoulder strap, open the spring-loaded
clips on the end of the strap, and attach them to the
shoulder strap D-rings on either side of the portfolio case
(see Figure 1).
Caring for the Portfolio
The portfolio case is made of rugged materials, and is
designed to withstand daily use. Treat the case as you
would a briefcase or purse.
Occasionally, the portfolio may become soiled. To clean
it, use a clean cloth and warm soapy water to wash the
soiled area. Do not submerge the case in water, as it may
become warped.
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